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  1. Finally I got my motherboard installed, got the dip switches setup and now in the process of getting the settings zeroed in. It also helped when I installed a new "cleancut" blade. Thanks for all the help and advice over the past several months. Gary
  2. chefgary


    I have issues as the temp in my shop drops. My shop in in my garage. If I bring the vinyl in the house over night and warms up it cuts better, I especially notice it with Siser heat press
  3. chefgary

    Youve been warned.

    I have dealt with USC for over five years, yes I have had issue for time to time but they were always solved. I recently had my Graphtec go out (my fault) and had to resort back to an old Chinese MH cutter to keep me going and it has. I'm glad I didn't throw it in the trash heap so many were complaining about it. One of my problems is when I have a problem with something, I want it solved NOW, not when a business has time to get with me or has taken care of their other customers who are next in line. GB
  4. I went to the service center on Thursday and they checked it out. They are "almost" sure it is the motherboard. They are suppose to give me a quote on a new MB. In the meantime I am using my Refine. It will get me by but it also reminds me how good the Graphtec is. Thanks everyone for the suggestions.
  5. chefgary

    Got an early Easter present...

    I am excited whenever I get something new. I hope you enjoy your new printer
  6. Just got an email back from Graphtec with the suggestion that I need to take it in to an authorized dealer. I'll keep you posted. Thanks, Gary
  7. Resetting the cutter is when the strange screen happened. I can't get it to change back to check the HP-GL setting. When I get home I'll try it again.
  8. I have been using my Graphtec for 2 1/2 years without issue. Last week I was moving furniture and mashed something against the usp plug on the cutter. Now it doesn't work. I'm not sure if this is the problem or there are other issues. The USB plug is not loose and seems to have a good connection. I tried to reset the cutter with ifo I found here but when I did I changed the writing on the led. It now reads after startup, $$ L$EV 55$$. I have uninstalled at installed SB, Upgraded drivers, I have hooked up another computer with a serial cable but still can't cut. I am at a loss. Any suggestions? Gary I have posted this on another board just in case some one there who can help.
  9. chefgary

    sublimating water botles

    I had my first experience with water bottles the other day. I purchased a dozen white water bottle and a couple of wraps from Coastal. I followed their instructions and used my oven to do them. The first couple of bottles I did ended up being scratched where the metal fastened against the bottle. I used a full sheet of paper to insulate against scratching the next time and this worked fine. The only problem was one of the wraps broke while in the oven and fell off fut the design worked anyway. I decided to bake the bottles without the wraps securing an extra paper around the design, secured tightly with heat tap. I couldn't see any difference between using the wrap and not using the wrap. Anyone else have this experience? I am still waiting for Coastal to reply to my issue.
  10. chefgary

    ive seen this before

  11. Had my graphtec 5000 120 for almost a year and have been very happy with it. A short time ago, it started squeaking in about a 4-5 inch area. It still runs fine but just driving me nuts. GB
  12. chefgary

    Lets see some keep out / no trespassing signs!

    The same think happened to me. I have an older home that has been abandoned on my new property that I am letting the fire dept burn down for training. They put some junk furniture in it to make it more life like and my neighbor saw some old broad with the chair on top of her station wagon, driving down the road at sundown. I made these up and posted them. Hope they help. I think it's good to let people know someone is watching. GB NoTrespas.EPS
  13. chefgary

    New order from USC

    Just got my new order from USC. I will admit that they are getting better at shipping and tracking numbers. I actually got the tracking before I got the product. I got an extra bonus I think is someones order besides mine. It was somewhat unrelated to my order. I contacted them and a waiting to find out what they want to do with it. The last time this happened I went ahead and paid for it, but what a hassle paying or sending back something you don't need. All in all, service is getting much better.
  14. chefgary

    Happy Easter!!!!!!

    Happy Easter everyone.
  15. chefgary

    SBE Counter

    I have the same problem: No counter on my desktop running XP and counter on my laptop running windows 7 home version. I tried the UK version and it didn't change a thing. Re-installed and still counting. Now up to 120.