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  1. Howdy, friends, just joined the forum , I, too, have been going crazy searching for a best choice for a cutter for modeling and manufacturing purpose. I have been working with computer graphics and the plotter since the Apple II (with the 143K drive) and the IBM mini-computer (with my Fortran and Algol software scanned in the scantron reader) days, but never had a chance to play with vinyl cutters. So here are my questions: 1. Is the ducted fan any good, or is it more or less a hype? 2. For contour cutting, I have seen certain software which prints the reference point on the material and use the plotting pen or equivalent refrence system to align the printed sheet for contour cutting. Such system does not really need the laser pointer if I have the software. But what are the name of these software applications and how much do they cost? 3. The USCutter website sells a "sticker plotter/cutter" and a lower cost cutter/plotter (do see the model name). From what I gathered, the only difference between the two are the better rollers, the ducting fans, and perhaps DSP control. Are these making much of a difference? Or am I better off spend the money on better software and stick to a lower cost unit? Your help would be much appreciated! The Luthier