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  1. cuincolor

    Can anyone help?

    Thank You so much, thats better than mine turned out!!!! I really appreciate your taking the time to help me out.... A great big cheesy grin at ya! Kim
  2. cuincolor

    Can anyone help?

    Hey guys, thanks for looking on the internet, I swear I did do it, however, here is the issue.... I cannot change a JPEG to pantones, and as it stands, it wont print dark enough to give a good screen for shirt printing. If anyone has a PDF or EPS then I could work with it by deleting some of the detail. If not, then I will tell him we tried. Thanks again for your help, we really appreciate you! Kim
  3. cuincolor

    Can anyone help?

    Has anyone seen this type of image or does anyone have something even in the ballpark? Its a 1913-1915 Henderson or Indian. My customer wants us to vectorize and screen print 4 whopping shirts for a tour across the country and I keep telling him its going to be not only expensive but hard to screen without losing a lot of the image... he wants to try.... go figure. My vectorizing looks, well, lets just say it cannot be used for screening, printing nor even cutting. Kudos to anyone who can help. Thanks, Kim racer.pdf racer.pdf
  4. cuincolor

    Logo Vector

    I have traced it but i am having trouble because it comes in with too many colors as a black an white so when I try to take it apart I have a million different little pieces. How do I trace it so that it comes apart in larger less numbered parts? Any help would be appreciated.
  5. cuincolor

    Logo Vector

    I need some help with this logo. I can't seem to get it done just right.
  6. cuincolor

    refine MH721 help?

    You might check the USB cable. When I first started I tried the cable and could not get my cutter to cut. I needed to use the direct connect cable. Hope this helps.
  7. cuincolor

    Has anyone seen this?

    Your are awesome, it looks great!!!! We had to re- create a banner with 14 sponsors and no files and the guy wants to nickel and dime me to death on the charges.... because like everyone else in this business, we have skads of spare time to do free work for those customers who want us to do their leg work for them at no charge. You saved me some spare time is what I'm trying to say..... Thanks so much, I really appreciate it! Kim
  8. cuincolor

    Has anyone seen this?

    Has anyone seen this wolf before? I have a bunch of other files like it in my Corel manual but none of them are wolves..... I have already re-created the whole thing except for the wolf. Can you help? Thanks, Kim
  9. cuincolor

    A Challenge.... can anyone help?

    Thank you so much you guys, you saved my butt!!!!! Im sure that he will be happy with this...... Happy April Fools
  10. cuincolor

    A Challenge.... can anyone help?

    I have a file created in word and was able to save it as a pdf, the problem is is only made the background a PDF, the rest is not editable. Can anyone vectorize it for me or is this like asking for a miracle? I would be grateful if its possible.... Thanks, Kim
  11. cuincolor

    Rear Window Heaters / Vinyl App

    Thanks to all that replied. I did clean the window with rubbing alcohol and applied during the summer but I did not use Or 651 so I think that might be the problem. I used brite line that I had on hand at the time. I guess you live and learn about using the correct vinyl for each application. Been pretty lucky up to this point with not problems on windows, so I guess I will cut the correct vinyl and put it back on the window.. AGAIN THANKS I love this forum such great people to look to for assistance..
  12. cuincolor

    Rear Window Heaters / Vinyl App

    I just saw one car window I did 6 months ago & most of the vinyl is coming off. The owner said that he would turn back window heater on to melt ice. Dumb question? Does this heat enough to have the vinyl start to come off? Looks like that is the case, never seen it before, he did say that he did not scrape the window & under investigation it does not look like it is being scraped. Does anyone know of the correct vinyl to use with this type of application or will all vinyl keep doing the same thing.. Thanks for all your help.
  13. I am looking to invest in a clipart collection but want to get the best bang for my buck. I don't want tons of junk that no one will ever use. I just started screen printing and want to get the best collection with sports teams in mind. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Thanks
  14. cuincolor

    Dancing Couples

    I will certainly add them to my collection....Thank you..... however, I was really looking for a wedding couple, this is for a social hall that rents to wedding parties.
  15. cuincolor

    Running tribal horse.

    How about this one? Horse in flames.eps Horse in flames.eps