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  1. prancer77

    Where do I Start?

    Thanks for your quick response, I can?t tell you enough how informative this was! Your description of cutting out shapes, images, decals, signs, banners, logos, lettering, etc is exactly my need. I really like the video, its brings the point home about multi-color decals. I have some additional question before my purchase. Would you mind if I imposing again for more questions??thanks 1. What model machine is moderately priced to do this? What would one expect to pay for it? 2. When I buy the vinyl, does the ?application tape? come with it? 3. Is US cutters a store? can I buy from them. or do you know of a good store or website to buy all this? 4. I would think vinyl comes in different sizes, how big can the machine fit (8-1/2 x 24 or bigger) 5. Programs: will the machine come with the software & Inscape program? 6. All designs can be done with a computer...right, just click ?print? and it sends info. to vinyl cutter? Thanks again Bob
  2. prancer77

    Where do I Start?

    Hello Folks, I would say I'm new to this but that would be an understatement. I have a motor sports shop and I'm looking to print my own decals/stickers to put on my dirt bikes and ATV. I'd like something I can design or type on a computer, such as my company name, and feed a "vinyl cutter" type machine, so it can cut out the pattern or font on the piece of vinyl. I can then take of the backing and apply to the machine. What do I need to do this? Will it be much more to get something that can do multi-colors? Is a vinyl cutter capable of printing also? Of just cutting a piece of vinyl in different shapes? Thanks... Bob