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  1. knight

    Hi guys..sorry to to outbid you last minute!

    Welcome to the forum, and enjoy your stay.
  2. knight

    Window Signs??

    lol, that could't of been any easier. I wasn't sure if the adhesive would hinder the look of the letters. I have someone that owns a small nail salon that wants some minor graphics and info on the store windows. -Mark
  3. knight

    Window Signs??

    Is there a reversed adhesive vinyl for sticking on the inside of the glass, i.e. (Like business doors for hours location number etc..)? thanks for helping a newb.
  4. knight

    Rearended Vehicle

    that'll work. thanks Tater
  5. knight

    Rearended Vehicle

    My wife has a co-worker who asked a favor from me. She was in a car accident and her car was totaled, she had no injuries, other drivers fault. She gets a brand new car and guess what, bang someone hits her again, all within a month. Talk about luck, lol. She wants me to make a bullseye or a target for the back of her car. Maybe with your guys talent can make a really cool looking one I can send to my plotter. Figure about 9"x9" Yep she is serious about putting it on her car, lol thanks guys, -Mark
  6. I bought a parallel cable but not sure what the steps were if any to get this input on the cutter to work. I was able to get the USB, and Com port to work but the only real opening I have on the CPU is LPT1 all the rest I use for other equiptment. Also the tracking of the vinyl seemed tricky I had to use a measuring tape on the front and back because the scales on the front and back of the cutter were off a little, not a real big deal, but it works. -Mark
  7. knight


    Theres a few companies that make that type of material. I build model r/c airplanes with this stuff. Theirs Monokote and Ultracote and one other one I cant think of at the moment. It starts to shrink at or around 275deg making a tight skin on the airframe. Just like vinyl rolls, monokote comes in different colors patterns, but I wouldn't recomend it for anything other than model stuff. Really not all that durable for the regular consumer stuff.
  8. knight

    Signcut X2 PE question

    There is definatly a great bunch of guys here to help. Haven't seen support like this in a long time. -Mark
  9. knight

    Signcut X2 PE question

    A Nasa Engineer, omg. Federal Tax money well spent, lol
  10. knight

    Billy Hughes is a MOD

    Congrats Billy. Looking forward to givin ya questions in da future.
  11. the kit meaning the vinyl, tweezers, weeding tool, squeegee, etc...., it's a beginners kit.
  12. MH1351 arrived from across the US in good shape. Setup wasn't bad, setup usb drivers first shot. Tried out cutter with the pen attachment, works great now I'm just waiting for my vinyl cutting starter kit to arrive to try out cutting.
  13. knight

    12" plotter and vinyl roll...

    thanks for the adv the website Beardown, for the free roll, I just did the survey myself. -Mark
  14. Appreciate the info, thanks. Looking forward to messing with this machine when it comes in. - Mark
  15. I also work with r/c model airplanes and with covering them with monokote we always use a fresh blade to prevent tearing or bad edges on the film, how often aprox do you change blades if any on these plotters?