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  1. clashmet

    Looking for fence with lasso

    Happy to help!
  2. clashmet

    newbie (please help)

    Brands of the world has the exact design in AI format...don't know if that will help.
  3. clashmet

    Iced Latte! =)

    Maybe this... cup.eps cup.eps
  4. clashmet

    90th normandy metz Div

    It is probably worse than others could do but I gave it a try... 90 .EPS 90 .EPS
  5. clashmet

    Looking for fence with lasso

    I have never attaced a file so don't know if it will work but this is the best I have. lasso.eps lasso.eps
  6. clashmet

    Where to get Good clip art

    I am not Connie but the original poster knows where he got my picture.
  7. clashmet

    Where to get Good clip art

    Could the original poster please remove my image from this post. I would appriciate if you not use any of my images in the future.
  8. After purchasing my second cutter from USCutter the motherboard went out after 2 weeks. Called tech support and ordered new motherboard. I paid for overnight priority shipping with Saturday delivery. The person I spoke to at USCutter even asked me for the order number so he could mark it Saturday delivery. Low and behold when I received the tracking info it is to be delivered Monday. I called Fedex and was informed USCutter did not mark the package for Saturday delivery. So my motherboard is sitting at the Fedex facility in a large container and I can't even go pick it up. I am so frustrated at this point. My part is 10 miles away and I can't get my hands on it because someone at USCutter couldn't do something as simple as checking a box for Saturday delivery. And did I mention the motherboard went out after only 2 weeks?!!!!
  9. clashmet

    Need Acrylic Blanks?

    I have seen a lot of people asking where to buy acrylic blanks and figured I would share my source.... They have keychains, gift items, etc...
  10. clashmet

    Does anyone have boy and girl kissing!

    This is a cute one cute couple.eps cute couple.eps
  11. clashmet

    Laserpoint Help

    I have tried cuttling circles from 1" to 4" and they are all pretty inconsistent. I draw the circle in SBE, duplicate it, and it cuts each one different. It also does this with letters. And I do understand its a budget cutter. It wouldn't be that bad if there was at least some consistency. As it is right now I never know if what I am going to cut will come out or how many times I will have to cut it with satisfactory results. I was cutting 2" letters today and some of the were perfect while others were horribly cut, and they were the same letter. I am at a total loss. I have reverted to using a Cricut to cut many things so that I am not wasting so much vinyl.
  12. clashmet

    Laserpoint Help

    I have done all of the above. It happens with small cuts and big cuts. I have a 60 degree blade, have increased pressure til it cuts all the way through, and am now using a 60 blade. Is there anything else I can do?
  13. clashmet

    Laserpoint Help

    The gaps vary. I can create a circle and duplicate it several times and everyone cuts different. I am lost as to what to do. I have resorted to the small cutter for some things but it is a pain.
  14. I am at my wits end. We purchased a Laserpoint 24 and cannot get it to cut circles. It closes some but not others, some are circles some are wannabe circles. I have tried changing the offest in increments of .05 from 0 to 1.0 and nothing, still the same. We are having this problem with some letters too, closes some but not others. We are having this problem with everything we cut. Just wondering if this is going to be the case or if it can be corrected. I have a Cricut that cuts better than this thing. Please help!!! Also have tried adjusting the speed from 10 to 60 and nothing.
  15. clashmet

    Best place to share wall quotes???

    I try to keep it so that my stores make 100% profit, they make more thank that with the car monograms and decals. What area are you in?