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    MH 721 Setup Issues

    Yep, it's not there. I can unplug the USP connector and hear it chime that I disconnected it and plug it back in and it chimes that it connected, but it does not show the cutter anywhere.
  2. fclaridge

    MH 721 Setup Issues

    I did follow all of that instruction. The problem I have now is that after I clicked Finish my computers do not show the cutter in the Printer folder in the Device manager.
  3. fclaridge

    MH 721 Setup Issues

    We've had this cutter for several years now and really have not used it much. Now that we want to do more we are finding issues in setting it up on new computors. We go through the driver setup and as soon as I choose the new device and Finish the setup the device in the Printer/Fax device folder disappears and we can't get the cutter to be recognized again. Any thoughts on what the problem is? Laptop is a Toshiba with Vista. Desktop is a Dell with XP.