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  1. carson21

    New PC- installing cutter and SB again

    on the drivers install there is no windows 8 if I have windows 8 and click on windows 7 will the drivers work ok thanks for your help
  2. carson21

    alignment marks

    can some please tell me how to put alignment marks on a two layer . i am cutting race car numbers and trying to put alignment marks so when layering it will be easyer thanks
  3. carson21

    reinstal sb

    can someone tell me how to reinstall signblaze? and if i uninstall and reinstall will i lose all the jobs i have saved
  4. maybe i will try dryer sheets not sure how to put it in the roll of vinyl
  5. i just test cut with out blade in cutter and with out vinyl and cutter finshed job 5 times not sure what to do looks like stacic problem but i have cutter grounded to stand .
  6. i am trying to cut numbers for race car and cutter stops after one number of a two number . i am using usb to usb . so i am ordering a keyspan usb to serial adaptor . will i have to load drivers or will this plug in and work ? thanks
  7. OK thanks ken i sent you a mess in support about the blade holder hopefully i sent it back with the cutter because it is not here
  8. ken you dont have to get ugly i was just confussed you asked when i got it and i told you .did no know that buying off ebay had less warr.
  9. the first of march my cutter stoped working i talked with ken and he had me check the mb and i did . still did not work so ken said it needed a mb he ask when did i buy the cutter i told him i got it in april 2008 he said should be under warr. he told me i could take the mb out and send it back and they would send me a new one or buy a new one off there website send the old one back att ken for refund it would the faster that way .so i order a new one 89.00 with shiping . when the new one came i installed it the cutter still did not work. so i talked to ken and he recommend for me to send the cutter back for it to be fixed. so i did once they got it sayed the mb was bad so this means that the one they just sent me was bad . so they insalled new mb and said it is fixed payed 60.00 hr for them to fix it. that ok they told me that there would be a 60.00 hr rate and it would take one hour or less to fix . but once it was fixed they charged me for the mb that i was told was under warr .so not only did i have to pay for thr mb i also payed 49.00 to ship the cutter back because the replacement mb was also bad and did not fix it. i fill that i was told the mb was under warr. and i should not have to pay for that .
  10. i think last april i got it to do my race car numbers so i think it was april used it then worked good was very happy now trying to make new numbers and not working
  11. what is the warranty on the morter board my mb went out yesterday and i have cut 2 rolls of 24in by 30 ft with it i think the mother board should last longer than that.
  12. carson21


    i am new to this sorry but how do you do a merge +punch through and delete out line thanks for all the help
  13. carson21


    thanks will try tomorrow
  14. carson21


    see the pic there is a space and then the shadow thanks for all the help
  15. carson21


    this is a pic of what i am tring to do