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  1. i was struggling to think of how to title this issue, but basically what is happening is on some jobs the cutter will not make a "clean" enclosed cut. what i mean is it will start out cutting the shape perfectly, but when the blade is coming back to the point where it started, it misses by the slightest margin leaving a tiny "hair" of vinyl. i am assuming this may have something to do with the offset, but i dont know how to adjust it or what i should have it set at. generally this happens with smaller sized items over larger sized ones. sometimes there will be an obvious edge, or point on the decal where the blade came back around missed its target by a mm or so. any help is appreciated.. - wilsedoggy
  2. ok exactly what is offset? i adjusted it to .20 but that didnt really fix anything. i can still see that the blade is missing its endpoint by a tiny bit. is this something that i need to adjust it higher (.25, .30, .40, etc.) or lower (.15, .10, .05, etc) to make it more accurate? i think understanding what offset is might help me with that decision. lastly, how would i go about changing the cutter speed? i dont recall ever seeing this option, and since pretty much all the material that came with my plotter is in chinese i have no useful instructions. thanks again
  3. hello, i am extremely new to this, as this is day 1 with my new pcut. I just bought it, brand new off ebay. I have been messing around for almost 2 hours now, I cant even get the software, let alone the blades installed. Both the CD and what appears to be the warranty information are written in Chinese. The manual IS written in English, but its pictures and descriptions are horrible, at best. Did you folks receive a CD with the Signblazer software on it separately? The CD i received was only two folders, USB Driver and Vinyl Cutter ver4.13, and there is just a mess of files in each of them. I tried the setup files, and it installed some very odd program called pltDraw, which was also heavily bombarded with foreign characters. This is the only program I have found so far, no Signblazer, no comfirmation that I even have a connection with my cutter, which is hooked up via USB currently. I am stressin' hard right now, I just wanted to start cutting vinyls for my clothing business, but I am coming up short, way short. Should I call USCutter and ask for some English software, or something? I am so confused, any and all help will be much appreciated. Thanks for reading
  4. my friend and I sort of stumbled upon this the other day. we were cutting stickers for our snowboard company when we had the crazy idea to stick one of our stickers to a blank shirt, peel away the transfer tape and iron it into permanancy onto the shirt. sometimes it worked, sometimes it didnt. is there a proper (and surefire) way to put and/or melt vinyl onto a shirt? what iron settings would be best? we were using the removed backing paper as protection between the vinyl and hot iron, but we also considered using wax paper, but we didnt have any. would this work more efectively? any and all help is greatly appreciated, thanks guys
  5. first off, rookie mistake but i am not even sure what the difference between tack levels indicates, currently i am using high tack "R-tape ApliTape 4075" and i have noticed that when i stick a sheet over my vinyl, it works well if i place it immediately, where as if i were to let the sticker sit for awhile (ie a few days or more) it becomes much less effective. I usually end up having to slide an exacto knife under the vinyl to "lift" it off the backing and stick it back into place on the transfer tape? do i need better transfer paper? i bought it on ebay then noticed it was the cheapest stuff uscutter.com had to offer. im guessing its just lower quality tape but i really have no idea. thanks
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    Best way to make t-shirts

    ok buy a heat press, well i am still hurting from purchasing my vinyl cutter, so I dont know if I can drop another few hundred dollars on a heat press right now. kindof why i was asking about using an iron for the time being. does anyone know if using an iron will work generally similiar to a heat press? what settings should it be set to and so on...thanks
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    How do i cut Images?

    and by accidentally writing 10% of the time, i meant 100% of the time. my bad
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    How do i cut Images?

    i ran into this same problem the first day i got my cutter, then i came to realization that the image cannot be a .gif .jpeg or .bmp, however, if your images are in these formats, you can still cut them perfectly. i use the website www.vectormagic.com to convert every image i want cut into a vectorized image. download the image as an .EPS file, and once it is in .EPS format you should have no trouble opening it in blazer, and cutting perfect vinyl in no time. generally it makes it easier also if the image is one solid color, i have noticed that black vector images work almost 10% of the time. hope this helps
  9. yeah guys, i got it cutting. thanks alot for the help. at times the cutter will stop in the middle of a job or randomly start cutting straight lines across, through, or around the image, but it usually corrects itself after pushing reset and starting the job over. probably just getting used to it still. any specific settings for things like offset, cutting speed or other junk? i cut mostly smaller decals and stylized fonts. thanks friends
  10. OK, thanks alot Jay, i was able to get everything installed, I am using the trial version of SB now. I imported my logo as an EPS file, when I try to change the size it gives me what looks like the outer lines of my logo, but once i move that out of the way/delete it i can resize the all black part of my logo to whatever size i want, is this normal? or should i not mess with that? I duplicated the logo a couple times, made it fit to my vinyl as best i could, then I clicked the cutter icon, then checked everything and clicked the CUT icon, and now my PCUT displays the words waiting, but it has been waiting for almost 30 minutes now. I assume something is not right. Jay, or anyone else, can you help me out again!! thanks
  11. oh and I am currently on windows Vista, but can switch to XP if it makes it any easier. ok, thanks