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  1. Ok, I'll give blade retraction a try. Thank you.
  2. So, I got really lucky and was able to follow the somewhat hard to follow manual and guess my way through setting my cutter and software up and even cutting an .eps file that I have out. It was awesome but I have a few issues, if anyone can help me out I'd be very grateful... 1. I adjusted the blade so that the razor part is about 1/4 sticking out of the holder (I can just barely see it when I hold it up to the light). But the thing still cuts a little into the vinyl backing and I assume that's fine. Now my question about this is whether or not my pressure is too high. I have it set at 125 and I'm thinking about putting it lower. Any suggestions or is this ok? 2. The next question that may or may not relate to the previous question is that during my test cut and the real .eps cut I did last night the edges of the vinyl on the jagged, more detailed parts kept getting pulled up and some of them folded over. The blade head would even drag a few of the smaller pieces off and drag them around the vinyl which I assume can potentially be very bad for the cut. Is this something to do with the blade depth, pressure or something else. It tends to fold the edges of these parts over which kind of mess up the cut a little. Any suggestions here either? Did I just get ripped off with cheap vinyl, I did buy it off of eBay so you are more the welcome to tell me so if you think that's the case? I know the blade and holder were clean when I started the cut so I don't think those are to blame. 3. Lastly, the instruction reference a section of the book that says something about saving you point of origin for future cuts, but I could not find that section. I set the point of origin on the blade where I want it to go to if the head is in a different spot when I turn the cutter on, but I don't think the setting is keeping as I have to keep going into offline mode and manually setting the cutter head when it is out of place. Any ideas here? Thanks for the help in advance. I'm using a D630 I think with Windows XP home and Sign Blazer Elements Trial. I'm sure I'll have more questions later so thank you all.