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  1. chuck

    Frustrated with Signcut

    My laptop was recently dropped and is now broken. I bought another computer and loaded the software but when I entered the license number It directs me to the signcut website and says that my subscription is over. I used the $100 coupon that came with my plotter last feb and I should not be up for renewal yet. I use the plotter to cut personalized footballs and make banners for the youth football program here in town. It is all non profit work and I am falling way behind now. Up to the point that my computer broke I loved the plotter and the software. If used with inkscape it is great for making the vinyl that we use. Have any of you had this problem.....? If so can you send me in the right direction. I sent an e-mail to signcut with no responce so far. if you have any ideas please send me and e-mail I have alot of vinyl to cut for a fundraiser for our little football players. Thanks for any help Chuck Our website if you want to check it out
  2. chuck

    Cutting Problems

    Make sure you are importing in the right format. I found that .eps and .ai work best for me. I had that problem when I first used the software and it was because I was importing in the wrong format.
  3. chuck


    I found that my refine cuts monocoat very well. I have to experiment on how to apply it now.
  4. I am using signcut. I have not tried artcut but I will try it today. I had to mess with the port settings to get my computer to recognize the plotter. I did search these forums for the answers and found them. Are you running XP..? Have you checked your port settings to make sure that the software matches. I run mine on Com 2. Maybe try downloading signcut to see if you can get it to work. Im sorry your having trouble. I am very impressed with the quality of my plotter. PM me and I will give you my home number if you want some help. Chuck
  5. chuck

    Setting up Signcut

    After reading the post by Marcel it solved my problem also. Converting to an EPS format allows signcut to open the file.
  6. I just wanted to thank the guys at US Cutter for quick delivery and a great machine. I ordered mine yesterday (sunday) and picked it up this morning (monday). It was only a matter of hours before my plotter was working away. I hooked it up via usb w/ no issues. Working the bugs out of the software w/ the pen was fun. I cut a couple feet of frisket for an airbrush project and it came out very nice. Thanks again.... Chuck