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  1. Hi,Does anyone have the template for the black panel on a 1970 challenger they would be willing to share.It would be willing to share.or where i can purchase it.Any help would be greatly appreciated.thanks
  2. arab

    harley chopper

    Hi does anyone have any harley chopper images they would share preferably a guy riding a chopper. thanks
  3. arab

    Looking for a new program

    you can get a new dongle key for $30 from signmax if you have your old one.Or you can up grade to winpc 2007 for $149
  4. ???Hi i am having trouble with the contour cut in winpc 2007.I select the tool and click on the edge of the design{as per instructional video} and i keep getting a pop up window that says click on image to activate this option.I dont know what i'm doing wrong any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  5. arab

    win pc 2007

    hi all,i use win pc sign i purchased in early 2006,and am very happy with it except the automatic vectorization could be better.i am thinking of getting the 2007 version(they claim the vectorization is alot better)has anyone used both and is it really that much better?
  6. Hi i am doing a sign for a flea market,does anyone have a flea of some kind. a cartoon one would be cool.Thanks in advance for any help at all. stan
  7. Hi,dont know if this helps but,i am running winpcsign pro with my offset set at 10 and on my mh1351 it cuts fine.Just curious,when i first got my machine i was having problems with it cutting clean and my problem was i had my blade holder in the wrong position.i had it in the outer hole instead of the one closest to the machine.made all the difference in the world.hope this helps stan
  8. arab

    what do you think?

    i would very highly recomend signtorch.i have had it for about a year.when i bought it there were 530 images now i think there are over 1500.the nice thing is once you buy it you get a year to download the new images for free,also at anytime you can purchase a new disk w/catalouge for around 10$.not to mention the artwork is royalty can also request images to be added.the artwork cuts great and he is getting better all the time.if you have questions ask him he's a really good guy to deal with
  9. arab

    where are you from

    wow what a responce,thank you.with just the people that responded this could work.i myself am from the palm of maybe we could set up a central locatiion where we could all get together.i realize that we are all geting into our busy time(good weather and all)so.....what do you guys think.
  10. arab

    where are you from

    probably a crazy idea BUT,another hobby of mine is metal that forum they have get togethers where they get together once in a while and share ideas and work on projects,maybe this wont work for me but there might be some of us that are close enough to make it happen.maybe we could start by letting each other know where we are from.think of the possibilities not only for the people who attend but the info we could bring back to the group.just an idea.
  11. arab

    New to Forums New to Vinyl Cutters

    hi,just my 2 cents worth here.ifr you decide to go with the master or any other brand for that they have a great forum like this one to help you get up and running.i myself just recently bought a us cutter and also own another brand machine.i am thinking of buying another 24" machine and it will be a matter what you decide good luck with your new hobby.once you are up and running it will be hard to tear yourself away from it.cheers stan
  12. thanks tater i've been using the wrong one,ive been using the outside one.that may explain why i've had problems getting my blade set just right. oh and by the way i did the 3 color race car # last night using your directions and it came out beutiful.thanks again stan
  13. this may be a silly question,and maybe i'm overlooking something,but why are there two locations for the blade holder and whats the difference.thanks
  14. arab


    Tater you ARE ::)the winpc guru.Again thank you very much.
  15. Hi Tater or anybody,i have been ask ed to do a race car # in 3 colors and i havent done his yet.i know how to outline it but dont know how to get the second outline.i tried to type in another # and then enlarge it and put the other # on top of it and it looked really bad.any help will be greatly appreciated thanks in advance stan