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    Anyone catch this week's Storage Wars?

    I have a friend that handles scheduling auctions for the local storage units here. She hates Storage Wars with a passion due to all the people that show up thinking they're going to make bank on these storage units they buy. She tells me all the time that the majority of the contents are business junk that is loaded into a storage unit taking advantage of the first month free deal that they all seem to run. Apparently it's cheaper transporting this crap to a storage unit then paying the "by the pound" corporate disposal fee at the landfill especially when you figure in the "hazardous materials" fee associated with electronics and the like.
  2. topher75

    Ever wondered...

    I got into this to create safety signs and proper tank labeling in house for my work facility. I got tired of putting in an order for custom safety signs only to be hit with a 60$ per sign charge and a 3 month wait...We were limited on what companies we could use for our safety supplies, but no issues with production in house, go figure. I didn't get into this blind as I had worked in the industry 20 years ago for a bit but would feel sorry for someone trying to go into this with no experience with the process of design and implementation. A lot of techniques came flooding back really quickly as I got into this and reading this site has been super helpful. Anyway, just thought I'd share.
  3. topher75

    ok ok ok serial and usb question..

    I've been using a 30' USB cable straight into my laptops USB port with my ZenCut Black for the last year without any problems. Tried the serial cable route initially and the cutter went nuts trying to stair cut as soon as I powered it on. XP operating system.
  4. topher75

    Hi from VA.

    Hello and welcome from Va Beach!!! There is definitely a market in the municipalities for custom signs specific to the facility as well as EMS, etc. We just purchased a cutter for our facility to reduce overall costs and turnaround time. We have lots and lots of signage thanks to OSHA...and new requirements always seem to be around the corner...
  5. I can't make any comparisons. My only experience in a sign shop consisted of post cutter work mostly. From what I've seen so far it's a good cutter though.
  6. I took some pics but left the camera sitting on the desk at work. I'll post some Monday. I was amazed that from the time the plotter showed up to first cut was <5 hours. I was expecting a bit more of a headache. Everything went flawless!
  7. Got everything set up yesterday, software installed early this morning, and just got my first cut done / weeded/ applied!
  8. I purchased a ZenBlack cutter on Monday (7/2) and it should be here today (7/5) & I can't wait. I'm so excited about receiving this that I cancelled my leave for today and tomorrow and switched it to half days just so I can set up and play with my new tool! I haven't made vinyl signs in close to 18 years (I used to work at FastSigns as one of my first jobs) and the technology in vinyl signs, software, etc has changed a bit since then and the USCutter sales people were very helpful in making sure I'd get something that would suit my needs. I work for a government entity and will be using this primarily for safety signs & labels, so this machine definitely won't see high volume usage. Anyway, just wanted to create this thread as a way of saying thanks to the USCutter folks and to give my experience with the company from ordering to receipt of goods. I'll update the thread as the shipment rolls in!