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  1. indeed so I have read.. hmmm makes me wonder if that could be the issue with Flexi... although i have no real preference as i would strictly use them to send to cut and nothing more.. thanks again for your help and input!
  2. Hey Skeeter, thank you for the reply. Yes I followed the guide without any success. I ended up reopening SignBlazer Elements just now and played with some settings and it works! wow! previously it wouldn't work for the life of me. Atleast with this running I can see that the plotter is okay and there isn't anything "wrong" with it or the connections or any of that or motherboard, etc..... so i'll dig deeper and look into the software itself.. I have a few more days with Flexi before I have to return it so i shall continue tinkering.
  3. Hello everyone, I am brand new here and just purchased a Creation PCUT CT-630. To give a few details in regards to my setup; I have a Penom X6-1090T, 12GB ram system running Windows 7 64bit, I am using a Prolific USB to Serial adapter (Ultra U12-40958) using the serial cable connection on Com4 (9600,9,None,1,Hardware also tried Xon/Xoff) with SignLab 7.1. I am experienced with Vinyl plotters and printers, and mainly worked with Graphtec, Mimakis & Summas and thought i'd purchase this unit for home personal use. I had spent a bit of time reading on the forums and all over the globe and just cannot seem to figure out why the plotter doesn't do what its supposed to. When I cut one single object such a the letter "t" it cuts fine, although if i try to cut the word "test" it cuts its from the center out forming almost like a flower, like it always returns to the start point of 0,0 and recuts the next letter in the sequence. Now I have a few vinyl shop friends and I borrowed FlexiSign 8.1 with the dongle and set it up on my machine, installed the drivers and all and that and it "sort of" seems to cut better, but the knife doesn't lift up between points, so if I cut the letter "s", there will be a diagonal cut or if I cut a logo there will be slices all through it. After tweaking around for a bit i send the letter "Q" to cut, and it cuts kind of properly but the hollow part inside is scaled down inside and shifted.. I have tried installing older drivers, I have tried using HPGL to cut and all seems to do the same thing and i've battled with this for over a week and a half now luckily today I just needed the letter "n" and it worked but thats still as far as I can get.. might anyone have any suggestions or ideas as to what I could do or try? or perhaps somewhere my settings are just incorrect within the software? but i've tried various settings here and there without any luck I would truly be greatful for any help or suggestions that anyone may be able to provide. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post.