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  1. palladinographics

    cutting question

    I am trying to cut a "pocket size" graphics for some t-shirts. My artwork has lettering and a graphic....but they keep coming up as 2 different do I get this to cut out at the same time? thanks nick
  2. palladinographics

    stand does not fit my pcut

    they are
  3. I just put together the stand which I bought with my cutter. The stand goes together, but when i put the pcut on top of the stand, the screw holes do not line up....anyone know what I am doing wrong? I followed all directions when putting the stand together.
  4. I recently bought a new pcut and have it connected to my laptop via a USB. I am using signblazer...long story short, I can not get the computer and cutter to communicate. I even tried hooking it up to another computer..and no go. any help would be appreciated
  5. palladinographics

    Sign Blazer activaton code

    I submitted my serial number a few days ago, and I also read other posts about how to get the code. I checked my spam folder, emailed the address given, and yet no code...can anyone help with this?