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  1. I talked to a guy at US Cutter. He had me open the device manager and then unplug and plug back in the cutter to see if ti showed up and nothing happened so I'm guessing it's a bad usb port. I took the side off and there's a usb cable plugged into the port. So I'm hoping I can just get an adapter to extend that cable.
  2. I downloaded those drivers. Didn't make any difference.
  3. Yeah it's only usb. Like the kind a printer has. I'm sorry but I don't have much knowledge regarding these things. What is the FTDI driver? Just to be clear it's the port on the cutter itself that I think might be broken. I currently use a laptop but I have a desktop that I could use. Would the PCI serial card still work? Has anyone had to replace they're usb port. I want to take the side off to check it out. It's really loose in there. Does anyone have any tips on accessing it? I don't want to mess anything up.
  4. It only has a usb port that I can find.
  5. I have a PCUT730 and when I plug in the usb nothing happens. I tried restarting. I tried 3 different cable. I tried reinstalling the driver. And finally connecting it to a different computer. It has worked fine for over a year. I'm not sure what the problem is. Can anyone help??? This is a serious issue for my business. I definitely can't afford a new cutter right now.
  6. Also is it true that I can't use this cutter with windows 7 64 bit?
  7. I went through the steps. I'm still not sure which cutting program to get though. Tried downloading signblazer but during the set up it asks you to select your cutting and mines not on the list.
  8. I bought a basically new pcut cr 730 and I'm trying to figure out how to set it up. I'm pretty new to vinyl cutters. We have them at work but they're graphtecs and from what I've read they're all different. I need to know what program to get that will let me cut from illustrator cs5. Also I have a laptop with windows 7 and it's 64 bit. I read somewhere on the forum that this cutter won't work with 64 bit. I have a pc running vista and 32 bit though. Should I set up to cut on that. I'm kinda lost here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If someone could even point me in the right direction for someone that would know that would be great.