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    sc cutter Skips cuts?

    Sweet Thanks, bummer that I don't have a serial port on my new "design" computer. I guess I'll buy an older compter on cragslist or something. Thanks again for the help!
  2. allted

    sc cutter Skips cuts?

    So i wanted to make sure i wasn't doing anything dumb so I waited a while to report this. Seems as if my cutter has a memory hole. If i cut something smal no problem, if I cut a whole series It will skips cuts in a few patterns. If I repeat the jjob a different day ex. 12 small words in a row, it will miss the same cut. not that the design is missing anything, the 10th copy will miss the same cut each time. I'm not trying the same design each time either. It's as if it will skip, say cut 45, and keep going, then skip cut 90. I doubt this makes sense but it keeps happening, what should I do?