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  1. Zai2289

    Intermittent cutting of files

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure what you mean by grounded? There is nothing waiting in the queue, i have restarted the computer as well as turned the cutter off and on! It seems to have started cutting the file just now but doesn't complete it as the blade travels to the far left and gets stuck there.
  2. Zai2289

    Intermittent cutting of files

    I have one problem file that doesn't seem to cut, I managed to get it to cut once after redrawing it in illustrator but since that it will not cut again, even if I redraw again! I am running 10.7 with key span adapter with the correct drivers & signcut pro, using a creation pcut. It seem to cut other files, but a bit temperamentally. Some files it cuts absolutely fine, whilst it gets stuck on a file that it has cut before. The status window comes up & the cutter says its waiting, however the blade moves to the far left and stays there, I have set the origin in the right place but this doesn't seem to make a difference. Please help, am getting extremely frustrated & sign cut aren't being very helpful! Any suggestions much appreciated