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    Totally newbie

    It takes a bit of practice but you'll get it. Gotta start somewhere! We all did. Don't be afraid to ask.
  2. Knobhill


    Welcome. Hope you find any advice helpful.
  3. Knobhill

    " THE RANT!"

    LMFAO, I expected this. If you believe me to be lying than ban me!!!
  4. Knobhill

    " THE RANT!"

    If you check my history you'll see I was continuously attacked by fivestare for unknown reasons and now have been ridiculed for defending myself. I told ken I would not stand for it anymore and am now voicing my unexpurgated opinions. Like it or not.
  5. Knobhill

    " THE RANT!"

    LOL, again. Ken knows what's going on here. Do what you must, I'll shed a tear later if at all.
  6. Knobhill

    Accounting Software

    Anyone using the latest version? Is it worth the upgrade?
  7. Knobhill


    I offer the local contractors here 3 magnets up to 18"x24" and up to 3 colors for a base price of $150+. Sold a lot of magnets.
  8. Knobhill

    " THE RANT!"

    LMFAO Top site in the world,,, FDLMFAO Good one!
  9. Knobhill

    Need Some help comparing US Cutters

    I have both and prefer the Pcut. Neither have any tracking issues when setup properly. I cut up to 25' runs with little or no run out. (surprising for low end machines) It's comes down to the same as any friction feed cutter, practice. Edit: I'm answering to the original question.
  10. Knobhill

    Software purchase

    The Mega series CD's are all different in content. I don't think for you can import your Mega3 into the signblazer library. Don't use it anymore. Worthless.
  11. Knobhill

    USCutter MH-1351 50" Vinyl Cutter with Stand

    You are correct and low end steppers at that.
  12. Knobhill

    howdy everyone :)

  13. Knobhill

    Another new guy

    Welcome and enjoy your new toy.
  14. Knobhill


    You'll be happy with it. As you now know it takes a little practice with these cutters.
  15. Knobhill

    What Kind of Vehicle do You Drive?

    What season are you asking about???
  16. Knobhill

    so true

    I'd rather have a pet python or cobra. Their attitude never changes.
  17. Knobhill


    Extra slots never hurt. LOL If your only using this machine for your sign biz, No need to care. If your using the machine for business and gaming your a fool to mix business with gaming on the same machine.
  18. Knobhill


    USB? LOL
  19. There's a can of worms you need to look at before opening!
  20. Knobhill

    PM box size?

    I've have in the past up to 4 pages but I "print out" every one before deletion so I haven't seen a limit yet.
  21. Knobhill

    XP vs Vista

    My suggestion is not to take your old machine out of service before testing the new one. Have a backup plan. If you don't have one, don't do anything until you do!!!
  22. Knobhill

    Activation Code issue

    Don't hold your breath, it's been going on for months now.
  23. Knobhill

    sbe liveupdate

    SignBlazer activation, update and download servers have been dead for months now.
  24. Knobhill

    SignBlazer activation???

    How long is it going to take to settle this issue?? Been months now. I lost a contract because of this. I saved a contract by switching to Vinyl Master Pro. UScutter is the one I purchased the software from so It's their responsibility to make good not ColorChrome. I have two so called legal copies that are worthless.