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  1. Thanks. I installed the update from Tykite (Thanks!) and it still does the same thing. I now believe that it is a hardware problem and not a software problem. Unfortunately, I have a job that was due last week!!
  2. When I installed it, it checked for updates and found none. Can the software make a difference? It says "2008 SignBlazer Elements" on the CD.
  3. I am using the version that came with the cutter... Why?
  4. Okay, I grounded the cutter and tried it again. I cut 1 word six times and it still cut diagonal lines in different places on each word. Now what?
  5. I didn't get a wire with the cutter. I can get a wire, where do I connect it on the cutter and then what do I ground it to?
  6. Well, it is on a shelf that it mounted to the wall with shelf brackets. Not sure if that is grounded enough or if there is something else that I need to do.
  7. I'm using Sign Blazer and I just got my plotter last week. Very frustrating. I watched the carriage and blade as it was cutting and it was just as though it didn't know to pick up when it needed to. Strange thing is, that it does it at different times and places. When it is not cutting, I can push it and it springs right back up. Like I said before, once when it was done cutting, it stayed down and I had to push to button to get it back up...
  8. Help! I have cut the exact same text 10 different times at the same settings and the blade cuts lines across each at different spots. The blade goes up between the words sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. A couple of times, the blade did not even come up after it was done cutting, so when I advanced the vinyl, it cut a line down it! I have adjusted the force and all of the other settings like people have suggested before. Theproblem is, it doesn't it differently on each word each time! Arggghhhhh!