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  1. I'm using SBE, but have not had an issue till yesterday
  2. I have been using my MH871 for about 4 months now and it has been working great. I was cutting a logo yesterday (two words) and the cutter messed up. It cut one side of the weed box, but as it went to cut the other side it went halfway and then closed the box but continued to cut the logo outside the weed box. If there was not a cut line directly in the middle of the logo, everything came out great. Not too sure if anyone else has encountered this. Thanks
  3. JDEBO

    I know how to vectorize but am having issues

    I have used my MH871 for about 4 months now. I had it installed on an older computer with XP utilizing the serial chord. I wanted to use the program and cutter on my newer desktop so I installed SBE on my windows 7 platform 64bit. After Installing SBE and connecting the cutter to the correct port, I did a text cut of a very basic word.. Everything came out correctly and seemed that I'll finally be able to utilize my nicer desktop. I imported an image.. I monochromed it, set the threshold and then went to vectorize it but got a POP UP window " The vectorize setup file (TRACESUP.DBS) is corrupt or missing" .. Has anyone ever had the same window popup and were able to fix it? I have reinstalled SBE 3 times now and still the same window. I was able to perform the Vectorize on my older computer. Thanks