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  1. Howdy Everybody, My laptop for cutting is dying and today I got some blue screens. It's going to die soon so it is time to replace. Has anybody tried using Flexi on a Windows 8 machine yet? I was also wondering if anybody has used Flexi 10.5 on a Mac. I know it is the PC version but can I make it work by using the program to run Windows based programs? I really do not want to buy another copy at this time. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks. Chris
  2. VictoryDecals

    Newish, SC Cutter Help.

    The SC should not even have a USB port as it does not work. A serial adapter fixed all of my problems instantly. A side benefit of it too was my speeds increased and no more wasted vinyl. Another easy static fix is to put a couple cheap dryer sheets inside the roll of vinyl.
  3. VictoryDecals

    Need a little help with 25" SC series cutter...

    Are you using the USB or Serial port? I wasted a lot of vinyl before I figured out that the USB does not work correctly. I had the same issue with the machine not resetting itself as well. Switched to a USB adapter and everything works like it is supposed to. I use Flexi and it has Liyu drivers but the only difference between the the Copam driver and the Liyu driver I noticed was a little bit of speed.
  4. VictoryDecals

    Flexistarter and a US Cutter SC 24

    I solved this problem finally. My advice to anybody using this series of cutter is to only use the serial port and a keyspan adapter. Using USB is the problem. Nothing to do with software at all. US Cutter should update their instructions to say never use the USB. Using the serial adapter makes everything cut quicker, too. At least for me anyway.
  5. VictoryDecals

    Vinyl Cutting with an iPad

    Howdy, I am ready to chuck my PC out the window. I am tired of the constant issues that Windows gives me and am ready to buck up for some Apple products. The one main question I have is in regards to the iPad. I do a lot of business at swap meets and out at the race track. The less equipment I have to haul around the better. That and the price difference between a macbook and an iPad. Is there any app that is available on the iPad that would make it possible for me to design stuff and cut directly from the iPad. I mostly do lettering and stock vector images so it would need to be able to access eps and ai files. Any ideas? Or am I just dreaming at this time. Thanks. Chris
  6. VictoryDecals

    Flexistarter and a US Cutter SC 24

    Well I think I got the problem solved. It appears that the problem is related to what I am trying to cut. I never thought that resolution would be an issue but it appears to be. The cutter and/or flexi does not like to cut if I shrink the vector down. So I resized it and scaled it up the issue went away. Don't know if it is the smaller file size or the actual image but it doesn't matter at this point. Another added benefit is using the correct driver in flexi for this machine made the machine cut quieter. In case anybody else received absolutely no documentation like I did the correct driver is not US Cutter but Liyu for brand. Maybe this is common knowledge but I didn't know. On to making this thing make me some money.
  7. VictoryDecals

    Flexistarter and a US Cutter SC 24

    Yesterday we uninstalled and reinstalled drivers and did a bunch of stuff. I decided to restart the computer and that helped some. I have only connected using the USB so far but if a serial adapter would help I will try it. Today i almost got through the project I have been having the most trouble with. Almost. I am updating Flexi and going to try again. Just saw that 10.0.4 is there. I am also going to redo some of the image so that it is a smaller vector and try it. Frustrating but I sure hope it all works out. Will keep you posted on my results.
  8. VictoryDecals

    Flexistarter and a US Cutter SC 24

    Howdy, I started this post over in the equipment section but after some trial and error is appears this is the more correct place to be. I have Flexistarter 10 and a US Cutter SC 24 cutter. In flexi I can cut smaller projects and multiples just fine. The issue is when I cut a ton of small objects or something with a lot of text. The issue with the multiples is an easy one to fix. The issue with the ton of text is not. I have changed the packet size and curve quality and had some change but not a lot. What happens is in the middle of the work or so the cutter will cut back to the origin, skip a bunch of text, and cut back to where it picks up cutting. This obviously ruins the work and makes me more than a little angry. One time it freaked out and just cut a line through about 8 feet of material. When I cut this same project with Signcut it works fine (thank you US Cutter tech support). If I have to export from Flexi to Signcut I will but it kind of ruins the point of buying Flexi. The only other explanation that I can think of is both files I have the problem with are made into vectors in inkscape and then opened in Flexi. I don't think this would be an issue but anything is possible now. Thank you in advance. Chris
  9. VictoryDecals

    US Cutter SC 24 cutting problems

    The search for a solution continues but seems to be narrowed. Was working with support for nearly an hour and we were able to determine that this appears to be a Flexi issue. In Signcut the issue went away so the focus is on Flexi now. Thanks again for the assistance.
  10. VictoryDecals

    US Cutter SC 24 cutting problems

    Well that somewhat worked. It at least made it further into the work before it geeked out. I am going to try lowering the packet size and try again. Any other ideas?
  11. VictoryDecals

    US Cutter SC 24 cutting problems

    I will try that tonight and post with my results. Thank you very much.
  12. VictoryDecals

    US Cutter SC 24 cutting problems

    Howdy Everybody, A couple weeks ago I bought a US Cutter SC 24 along with Flexi Starter. After some trial and error I got my blade depth correct so I know this is not the issue. Here is my problem; when cutting large or multiple images the cutter will skip an area and drag the blade. This ruins whatever I was working on and I so far have been able to adjust to make it stop, until now. I am trying to cut out a stencil about 23"x23" with a bunch of text. After about half the cutting is done the cutter will stop in the middle of a letter, drag the blade to a random spot, stop, drag the blade to a new spot, and continue on. The area between where the drag starts and ends never gets cut. I also saw this happening when I cut many smaller items. If I cut 24 3"x3" items it is okay, but 96 and it will do this at least twice. I was wondering if this is an issue with the memory buffer in the cutter, software, driver, or something else. Any guidance or assistance is much appreciated. Thank you. Chris