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  1. Hi john Just finished trying the different cutter versions in the cutter system in SB and still not a peep. When you say i take it you mean in cutter and then cutter setup choose one of the Creation KCUT system ?If so i`ve given them all a try and even tryed them again with changing things like Xon-Xoff ect but still nothing. As you say jerry is the person that knows all about them in side out lol and so i`ve been given a top man in regards if it can be fixed with a driver he will know lol. But its also good to try see if other members can help like yourself and others as that shows community spirit in the forums, and is what it is all about, and hopefully if another member has the same issue they might find the post helpfull and so that is all good. @ Kenimes Hi ken, do you know how much it would be in total including posting it to me here in the UK ? Because if it comes to it, i am going to have to buy the motherboard and side plate as i`ve spent a lot already on the system, and i know a lot of people say they are a good work horse, and as i could`nt sell it back on in the state it is in i would be more than happy to pay the extra money to get the cutter up and runing. Thanks for any info. Jim
  2. Well its been a busy day today trying different things but i think i`m nearing a sulition. I have had a reply from a forum owner on a different site informing me of some very interesting information regarding my cutter and wondering if it can be my issue. I`ve been informed that even thoe i do have a LTP parellel lead type cutter, it is the Creation HK version of the cutter and not the Creation SZ version, my version of cutter is part of the KCut and Kingcut brand. So i`ve been informed that it is most likly a driver issue i`m having as the cutter is a older version and one that is no longer made. I`ve been told to give a holler to JERRY as he would know best, so jerry if your about m8 could you eather PM me or maile here were i might get the drivers please. Or any other member that know were i can get the drives i would be very much greatfull as i`m thinking it is a driver after all the problems i`ve had, well i say this with fingers crossed. Thanks again Jim
  3. Hi kenimes Were could i get the revelent information on the new motherboard and side plate ? do US Cytter sell them and if so how much ? or a link to were i might go would be great as i`ve read some people have replaced their MB`s and such which is the reason why i ask. I`m going to but a parellel lead to usb from a supplyer here in the uk just to make sure its not the lead with the cutter thats at fault as i have just formated my pc and re-installed all the major system info and still the same issue with the cutter not been reconised. In the cutter into it says there is many jobs that have not been done, so the software and such is working but its not been picked up via pc and so i`m thinking its a lead. Will post back as soon as i get lead and hopefully will work fingers crossed lol. Jim
  4. Is there a way to change say the LTP parellel port system on the cutter to a USB version ? I`m thinking if i can change this then it might work via the USB lead system ?? Any advice would be realy greatfull as i have tryed most ways up to date and at my ends tedder.
  5. Tryed the cutter on my sons computer and still didnt pick it up ? Well that would answer the reason why i cant access the baudrate on mine then, as i have tryed but goes through the same sequence and nothing to do with baud rate shows ? Tryed changing it on the SBE and tryed 19200 and 9600 but still the same............. Now thinking why i bothered to buy it and never went for a different one
  6. Am i doing it right ? i`m trying to set the baudrate in the cutter by way of presing the online buton then presing the mode button softly a couple of times, i`m unable to see the baudrate on the system LCD display. Is the cutter broke or the on board system Motherboard broke ? Jim
  7. Well i have tryed as mentioned and still nothing, and even when i check in the Device Manager and under Ports there is nothing listed and i`ve checked the settings on the port settings on the computer in device manager and its all set right. Also tryed the drivers as listed and still nothing. Will try on a different computer and see if that works with the trial version as this is my last hope now. Jim
  8. Ok been in contact with the seller agaian and i`ve been told that i need some sort of blue disc and says pcut creation on it ? He mentioned that this is what i need to get the cpmputer to reconise the cutter so i`m thinking its a driver of some type. Hope this helps as been out bought a special adapter and still nothing so its costing money all the time to try different ways lol. I dont mind buying ths disk thats not an issue if need be as i`m at my tedder now as the misses and kids are staying clear of me lol..... Jim
  9. Hi john Well i removed the printers today and tryed about 20 mins agao, and still no luck ? :- it never picked up the cutter. I`m in Liverpool john. Hi bruce What i have is a spare lead that is a LTP one end and a com on the other as showen the lead it self might not be the right type and the reason why its not working. I have contacted the seller and he promises me that the cutter does work and has a recept from new bought only last year and has only used it a couple of times, and there is nothing wrong with it, and i`m lead to beleave that he is telling the truth, call it a hunch or what i just dont know and feel its something that i`m doing wrong lol He has mentioned that i might need a disk for it ? but i`ve replyed to him asking what this disk is as he said in a mail that i would need it so as the computer will reconise the cutter ?? I`m trying all issues now, and wondering if it might be the lead ? or if any one has the same type with same lead connection then i would be very greatfull if they would let me know how they set theirs up ? Geting desperate now. Jim
  10. I have john If and when useing the LTP1 port which doesnt give a error on screen, if i look at the printer in the bottom right it gives me the error that the document Sign Blazer couldnt be done ?? Its trying to print it instead of cut it ? is the cutter broke or is it the settings on my pc ? for some reason i can only think its a pc issue. Tommorow if i`m unable to get it to work i`ll be trying to get my money back as its so anoying now. Jim
  11. Well john it never worked with the LTP to COM lead and i got the same error even after uninstalling it and re-installing the software this is the error i get..... Hi kenimes m8, it is deffo a creation CT630 as showen in picture which i have just taken a picture of it and it does have a LTP or Parallel port lead connection like showen here .... I`m now begining to think if i would need a driver, say like for the USB version ? or is there a driver for the version i have at it just doesnt seem to want to connect and is trying to connect to the printer as when i use signblazer it doesnt mvoe the cutter but then if i check the printer pic on bottom right it shows the file i`m trying to cut, i even then connected the printer and told it to print the fil i just tryed to cut with the printer and it printed a load of number out. Some were i think its trying to use the printer as the port but its like its missing a driver or something ?? If i cant get it to work then i`m totaly out of pocket and got blades ect coming soon aswell Its now making me think if i would be able to change the LTP parallel port on the cutter to a USB connection ? I need to try do something as if not then it no good. Jim
  12. Hi john Nope not that that blade holder, so i will be needing one The holder i have john which i was trying to explain is simular to the one you have pictured, but just has a pen type of nib in it, and i can open it via a turning unscrewing pice and take the pen out of the holder, but mine does not look like the one showen. I will try tommorow to get the camera out and take a picture of it. I did manage to get the Singblazer Element software and the supplyer sent a serial and when i registered it i then got the activation code sent to my mail address and it all seems to be working fine. Now when i set the signblazer software up i chose the LTP1 as the main set up port type system as showen in picture.... This is the type lead i have with my cutter both on pc and cutter so i chose this as the main, but when i tryed cutting the test page it never picked up the cutter. I have tryed many if not all the settings on the signblazer set up cutter and tryed all the coms and ports bust still nothing. Now the strang thing is that i originaly have my Epson printer on the same LTP port and it works fine, and when i decided to close the signblazer proggy, low and behold i cold see the printer in the bottom right hand corner showing a red question mark. When i have clicked on this it is showm me the file i was trying to send to the cutter but the computer was trying to use the printer instead of the cutter. So i know its something to do with the settings on the pc and i`m hoping you or fellow members can help. I do have a LPT to COM lead, which i can use the LTP parallel part on the cutter and the COM end to my pc but would i need to uninstall the software first before i use the lead due to when i installed the software i set it to LTP port and not COM port ?? Would be great if i could as then i could use the printer on the LTP port but makes no difference and i now know it has to be eather the settings on the pc as it thinks i`m printing and its not found the cutter. Thanks very much for any further help as i know i`m not far from geting it all linked up and working. Jim
  13. Thanks john, just ordered the software from the UK supplyer so should have it tonight hopefully. I think i might be needing a blade holder, but the new blades that i have just ordered from a friend of mine are new blade types for various cutters and my PCUT is one of them, and they dont require a holder. When i say the blade holder, the cutter did dome with a holder system, that alows me to put in the pen system ect, but i will have to check what else i need. As i say its all new, but realy hoping to get all that i need for it all to be ready to be used. Will post back in the next few days as to how i have got on and see if all is working, and will no doubts be back asking for help with the com port issue lol. I can use the epson D88 printer on the USB sid of the computer so its not useing the printer com1 port so hopefully that will work. Thanks for all the help and will post again soon. Jim
  14. Hi john thankf for your help. I`ve been told to buy the SIGNBLAZER ELEMENTS software from here on the forum, and that there is a package deal payment system of $49 a year system or it might be that it is the pro version but i`m not sure. I am in need of the software and here in the UK for the normal SIGNBLAZER ELEMENTS it is been sold for 49 uk pounds, and so i would prefear to buy from here as great members and people from the T-shirt forum said to me to buy from here. Is the software sent via mail or digital delevery ? as the UK seller i know of is sending it via digital delevery so i can use with in 3hrs to try get my cutter up and runing. I have uninstalled the demo version of the signblazer as i have read it needs to be fully removed befor the full software is installed. I`ve ordered new blades and they should be here in 2 days time aswell as lots of new vinyl. I just want to be sure what i get in way of the software is the right type and from lots of reading and help i`ve been told the signblazer elements is the best for me and works with my PCUT. I think once i get the software it will be a lot easyer to get the computer to sync with the port and com system, and i know members here will help Jim
  15. Hi all, newbie in need a help..... I have just recently bought a 2nd hand nearly new PCUT CT630 cutter, and it never came with any disks or instructions ect. Well i`ve managed to get a pdf file on the system like the booklet, and i have managed to use the on board control system on the cutter to write the little rectangle picture by pressing the pause button twice when taking it OFF LINE and it all seems to work fine. I never got any blades with the system just the pen system, and have tested it with all the movements ect and it all seems to work fine, but i cant get the computer to reconise the cutter. The cutter is not the USB version and is a Serial or Parallel connection lead type, and from what i have been told it doesnt need a driver as such, but just needs to be calabrated and the right com port set. I only have the SignBlazer5.5 Demo installed and am going to buy the element version from here as susgested by people, and then going to order some blades as i have not got any. Just that i wanted to check the system is working before i threw more money at it all and so would be very very greatfull if some one could help me geting the settings via the com ports right ect. I use a epson D88 for my sublimitation printing and the printer uses the COM1 port on my pc fine so i know the port is ok, but i cant seem to see any other system like the cutter there ? Thanks to all for any and all help yous can give me, and look foward to replys. I`m in the uk so as i`ve noticed on the forum people have been given the help via phone but i have the issue with been in UK and the time difference ect. Thanks in advance. Jim