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  1. Can I send the blade holder and blades back to you? and then you send me a new one??
  2. The blade never stuck out before I ever removed the pushrod.
  3. I received 3 different blades and I tried all 3 with the same result. When I put the blade in. It is all the way in and no blade is exposed. The screw is tightened as far as it can go. So now what are my options?
  4. When the blade holder is put together as in the first picture with the blade inserted, it does not stick out at all. The only time it sticks out is when I push the silver rod. The only thing that turns on my blade holder is the bottom of it (where the blade sticks out/blade cover). In the Creation book it says I should have a "kife adjusting screw". Is this something that goes over the silver rod and allows you to adjust the blade. If that is the case, I do not have this screw.
  5. Where do I begin?? I am a newbie to the whole cutting/plotting thing. So I am very excited to get started cutting. Just received my cutter a couple of days ago and I am slowly getting it set up. I am having problems with the blade holder. I cannot get the blade to stay lowered. When I push on the silver pin at the top, the blade lowers and when I release it, it pops back up into the holder. Attached are 2 pictures of the blade holder. One with the holder together and one with it apart. From the booklet I received and the extra typed document from uscutters, it seems to me that I am missing some sort of screw that is suppose to keep the blade lowered/adjusted. I hope this all makes sense. Please help. Thanks