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  1. greenistheway

    Flexi Sign 10 or up contour cutting

    I've look everywhere but haven't found out anything. I'm looking foward to buy the flexistater if I can find out that it have the contour cutting technology and that it works with the MH
  2. greenistheway

    Flexi Sign 10 or up contour cutting

    Hi Im posting this post because I want to know what you all know about the Flexi 10 contour cutting. Can it be done with a MH ? I read that instead of using a laser you can use the blade to mark up on the printed marks and flexi will do the job. Any help will be appreciated.
  3. greenistheway

    Can I cut sand blast mask with a MH 34"

    have you owned a MH?
  4. Hi I need to know if you can cut a 18 mil or 22 mil sand blast mask. Thanks in advanced
  5. greenistheway

    Need help with some heat transfer brands.

    Besides sisers and polyflex any other brand?
  6. Hi guys I just need a little help because Im having problem finding different brands of heat transfer. Can someone name me atleast 4 brands of transfer vinyl economics brands. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi I want to know if can I cut with corel and my HM series721? let me know ASAP please
  8. Hi Im looking for someone that have a embroidering hat machine to do some hats like this one's. but with another design that I have in .ai format and I will provide the hats. Any help will be great. need this hats to be done ASAP
  9. Hi I need help, Im trying to remove the right cover cap of my MH series to replace the motherboard but when I unscrew the screws the cap stay like attached and doesnt wanna come out, and I dont wanna force it because Im afraid of breaking parts . Any help?
  10. Will be doing that tomorrow, but Im f#cked up because Im from Puerto Rico so I will need to ship to machine back and pay like $170 for shipping -__- worse day of my life for real, but thanks for everything and thanks for the support skeeter
  11. Yes, I check and they are in place
  13. I dont know if the belt that's move is too hard or something but can someone help. this is driving me crazy please
  14. Hi here is the problem that Im having with my brand new just got out of the box MH MK2. can someone help. and tell me how uscutter warranty works? Needed the machine for a job that needs to be done next week. in the video she acted like it is good until the end but actually right now if I turn the machine up. it's like if she's stuck or something. Can someone help