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  1. I have a US Cutter 15x15 digital heat press, and am using Siser vinyl. If I set the heat temp to what is recommended by Siser, per thier website, it won't even stick. > Can I get some feedback as to what temperature others use with the Siser vinyl?... I'm new to the heat-transfer world and any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. DocCarnage

    Write Port Error

    I have the same issues. No matter what i try I cannot get the cutter to work using a serial cable (supposidly the easiest) I checked all Baud rates and all are set correctly, and it works great for small jobs, but if I try and cut a large job, about 1/2 way through it says "Write port error"...WHAT THE #$@(!* IS GOING ON?? HELP PLEASE!!!! The cutter is a MH-721, using flexi starter 10, windows Vista, USB hookup (if someone can shed some light on how to get the serial to work, that'd be awesome too)... I have tonnes of ram (4gb) 2tb HDD, 3.4ghz the comp shouldn't be an issue... HELP!!!!!!!!