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    Is SignBlazer obsolete

    Thank you all for friendly answers. I don't bought it for sign making. I m artist and i want to use it for making stencils but with very close designs with narrow lignes. I m try it for now but i m very dispointed may be because it s the beginig. Again thank you for answering me and be very tolerant with my poor english. Guy - Belgium - Europe
  2. Hiram

    Is SignBlazer obsolete

    Hello I just found SignBlazer but I can not find the solution to move from trial version to full version. I understand very very little English. I would be able to switch to full version. If I understand this software is abandoned and therefore no longer to be updated. Is it smart to use a software obsolete?. I'm new so I want to start on a good foundation unfortunately I can not find any book in French (I am Belgian). I thought I could cut the vinyl from Illustrator, but if I understand correctly signblazer needs illustrator to work. Thank you
  3. Thank you again but i m in Belgium Europe and cant access 800 phone in the us
  4. Thank you but when i m do everything like the manual i have in sbe : cannot open the output device error initializing cutter ?
  5. I am connected to the USB port driver is the roland PC1000. Since I bought this plotter three years ago, I never did use it! I really would like someone help me configure it! I have great difficulty in English! How to find the error. The test works very well! Thank you Please help !
  6. Thank you Sir, I knock my head on the wall with this cutter i m bought three years ago ! I m totaly newbee and i don't speak english ! I don't buy it to cut vinyl i m an artist and i want to plot generative art with the blade remplacement by japanese painting brush ! I hope with your help i can't start using the cutter ! Unfortunately i m bought it new on ebay and i have no software or drivers with it this is the reason i m sick for 3 years with it ! Thanks for fast and friendly answer and help ! Guy
  7. Hello I m looking for the USB drivers (windows xp) and (windows 7) for the Refine MH721. The downloading section link on USCutter for this cutter is link broken ! Many thanks