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  1. Problem has been solved. It was the fact that the gritty rollers where loose and had play in them. Used allen wrench to tighten them up and it seems to be much smoother. Thanks for your help Jay.
  2. I'm leery as to if the rollers are the problem. The gritt rollers do not appear to have any smooth or smoother sections in them.
  3. I will take a look at this. I tried it on different sheets of vinyl and got the same results it seemed. Thanks for the suggestion, I will post back my findings.
  4. Not always, especially on smaller sized font. Sometimes it is close and sometimes there is a gap between the start and end.
  5. Hard to explain what is going on. I'm creating text in Signblazer Elements and then trying to cut it. I have not had many problems with the cutter, but it has been in storage for over a year now. I just broke it out to cut a few sets of race numbers for my car. I'm not sure if this is a tracking problem or maybe a problem in the software. The text seem to have odd outcroppings or lumps in different areas. See attached picture.
  6. Well I was hoping to contact you, but the customer never contacted me back. Wasn't for over-charging, I can say that much. I think possibly more of someone just being curious and not really having any plans of having it done unless it was near free.
  7. I noticed the other day my cutter tracks slightly off over a long period of time. Just as a general question, is this usually an error on the cutter side, or how the vinyl is being fed in. I had the cutter on a desk and the roll just laying on the floor. It wasn't pulling from the roll as I pulled out plenty of excess, but there really wasn't any guide for the vinyl coming into the cutter. I am about to make a stand, and I thought about making a custom feeding tray off the back of the cutter kinda similar to how a printer has the feeding tray for the paper to keep it from rotating sideways when being fed through. If it is actually the cutter moving the vinyl then a tray is obviously only going to make problems worse and possibly wad the vinyl up. Thanks for any input, Alex
  8. Cool, I hopefully will be contacting you soon then!
  9. I have done mostly stickers for friends and family so trying to decide pricing wasn't a big deal for me. I just had 2 external orders come in though, and just to begin curious of ball park pricing. Order 1 12" x 1.5" single color Oracal 651. Basically just text linking to the customer's website. Wants 100-200 made up. Order 2 6" x 6" circle logo Oracal 651. Will be Red, Black, and White. Wants 50 to start off. The customer has the logo drawn as .pdf and .png, so all I will have to do is break it up into the single colors. Weeding won't be two bad on this one. What would be a good pricing estimate?
  10. Watson91

    Members in the south flooding areas ?

    We got hammered pretty hard here in Southern Illinois also. Here are some pictures snapped locally. Thankfully the town I live in hasn't flooded, but we are the only town for miles and miles that hasn't been flooded out. Many towns are miles from any sort of dry land. Most towns have to be boated to from other towns.
  11. I would like to say thanks also! I have been here only a short time, but I have had a lot of help with the few issues I have had. I hope to be able to return to favor to the many new people as I learn and gain knowledge.
  12. Watson91

    Importing .EPS from Illy to Sign Blazer

    I would think I should be able to go straight from Illustrator to Signblazer though.
  13. Watson91

    Importing .EPS from Illy to Sign Blazer

    Yes, that file worked. All I am doing is saving the file as an .eps in Illustrator? Is there something I must do before saving the file as an .eps?
  14. Watson91

    Importing .EPS from Illy to Sign Blazer

    Okay I tried it a different way. When I opened the .psd in Adobe i chose to convert it as a single image. So here's what it looks like. So then I import into sign blazer same way and get this. Then when I click cut I get the same error. Then in the cut screen it's just blank. If I paste it into Illustrator then save it as a .eps I still have the same bitmap error. If I try to paste it straight into Sign Blazer the image looks like a box of scanlines.
  15. To start this image is just an example. So, I open this .psd file I have and then save it as a .eps version 8. Import into signblazer using full postscript interpreter Seems to get some random extra box going there. Then when I go to cut I get this error: The drawing contains a bitmap. Only other object will be cut and bitmaps will not be cut. Then it looks like the following? Not sure what gives, but it's becoming frustrating. I have been searching, but seems like I haven't been using the right keywords. I can't imagine this topic hasn't been hit before, so sorry if this is a repost.