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  1. In order to purchase SignCut you need to register and download a trial license. On install the EULA is clearly displayed. It is not an unusual EULA but then of course most software users just click past the EULA and never actually read it. I heard story of a EULA that included a $500 dollar prize for the first person to email a specific address and claim the prize, it took over a year before someone claimed it.
  2. Kimon

    Is there any...

    SignCut in general is very stable and rarely crashes. When it does it is usually because of one of two reasons, bad or lost communication or a file problem. One way to test the problem is to try cutting the Signcut Logo, if you have trouble with that then it is not an image problem, if the program becomes unresponsive when sending to your plotter try unplugging the usb cable, if it becomes responsive again then you definitely have a communication problem Serial connections do provide a more stable path from the plotter to your computer but if you are using USB and have communication trouble you might want to be sure you have the latest drivers for your computer or use the Keyspan adapter. Not all adapters are created equal and the Keyspan is about bullet proof. For communication problems we recommend the Keyspan adapter available on Amazon for around $22 USD For Communication drivers for most import plotters please go to Support tickets may be entered via email to or by going to our support portal. Our support portal is here
  3. Actually I have read the transcripts of your conversation with our support desk. You left out the part after discovering that you have been sold a license from an end user that was unauthorized to sell and the sale was in violation of the EULA that we were offered the use of that license until it expired, then you would need to purchase your own license. You also did left out the part that you were told the license you had was a lifetime license and you needed to register it using the other users email, both not true.You indicated you bought the software from someone else who was not authorized to sell it to you. We gave you the information about the license and the amount of transfers you had left in what was remaining on the subscription. You were told if you wanted further support or updates you would need to purchase your own subscription. The license in question is still active. If you wanted to straighten this out, the issue is with the person who sold you a product they legally could not sell. You could have quite simply purchased your own subscription and deducted the cost from the purchase of the business. Our policy outlined clearly in the EULA which you were given is that Signcut can not be sold, transferred, rented, loaned. If you purchased a business from someone then you should have looked into the EULAs for any problems with transferring. The difference you are talking about to have legitimate licensed software, support, and updates amounts to about $7.50-$5 dollars a month depending on the length of your subscription. You can by a stand alone dongled version for $299. The reason software like SignCut does not permit transfers, or sales is because most of the cost associated with software after development is startup support. If we allowed transfers or third party resale of our software we would then be supporting multiple users for startup which is cost prohibitive. I am sorry if this has caused you trouble, and hope whatever solution you happen upon you will have success in your business venture.
  4. Kimon

    Sign Cut X2 freezing up

    X2 has not been updated in over 2 years, go to log in using your registered email and license number then scroll down and choose migrate to move to our newest release. This will generate a new license and email you download instructions for the new product. The problem you have reported is generally caused by loss of communication, the seikis and some other import machines have shaky communication when using the internal USB/Serial converter card. We reccomend you use the Keyspan adapter from triplite as it solves most communication problems.
  5. Kimon

    signcut saving file instead of cutting vinyl

    Sounds like you may have had a failed output for some reason and then your default output device was changed to write to file, it could have been caused by a power surge or loss of communication. Open SIgnCut click the cutter button and change fromn write to file to the correct output device/port.
  6. Kimon

    Trouble importing text into SignCut

    How are you sending to Signcut? Are you using the Signcut plugin? What verion of Inkscape, open Inkscape choose help then about Inkscape to view the version number, do the same in Signcut. Email us a sample file
  7. Kimon

    SignCut Pro doesn't send to cutter

    First thing to check is the settings in Signcut, open Signcut click the cutter button then check the output device/port compare that to the actual port in windows device manager.
  8. Kimon

    Hwelp if u can? I keep getting this message when in signcut!

    Actually the plugin optimizes the file by downsaving it, converting the text to curves and exports it without compression. If you save you files into the Signcut Import directory using the same methods manually then you may open Signcut click import and your last file saved in the import directory will be opened.
  9. Kimon

    SignCut Pro lost the "copies" function

    A quick note about Signcuts licensing and transfers. You may install and uninstall Signcut as many times as you need as long as you do not change drives, reformat or change motherboards. Signcut looks for a unique hardware ID number generated by your opperating system and compares that to the one registered on our server. If it finds a new one it transfers your software. You may do this five times during a subscription period but you may clear your transfers at anytime by purchasing a subscription extension, even the shortest period 1 month will clear your transfers.
  10. Kimon

    Sign Cut is going crazy..Please help me

    Those lines are a common problem in Corel when exporting. To fix the file semlecet it and weld it that will get rid of the lines if they are in a file you have. To avoid them being created open a file or create one in Corel, then view it is wireframe to be sure it is how you want it. Now do a manual export as an ai file with the text converted to curves, compression turned of and compatibility with ai version 8. This will set your export defaults. Now try sending the file to Signcut using the send to Signcut plugin.
  11. Kimon

    Issues launching SignIt X2 from Corel X3

    If you will notice the pinned topic on how to get support for Signcut I have detailed information on how best to contact us. Including my direct email. If you follow those procedures I can follow up and be sure you are assisted properly. As far as you not being contacted about your issue, I can't explain that without you sending me your ticket number or your registered email address. I would be happy to look into it for you to help improve our support system as well as find the root of the lack of response. The error SSTab' from Tabctl32.ocx. Your version of Tabctl32.ocx may be outdated is a windows error, to solve it you will need to find a current version of Tabctl32.ocx and place it in your system folder replacing the existing file if needed. While we strive to assist users with their hardware and operating system problems we are not Microsoft and can not provide Microsoft support. One thing to note when you are looking for the file is if you fiond it online be sure to scan the file before installing and understand updates or changes to your system directory are at your own risk. The slow loading of Signit may be a System problem you might want to try scanning for spyware and viruses useing a different scanner package than is currently installed on your system. Signcut Productivity Pro includes severally new improvements but it is primarily under the hood changes to provide for modern Opperating Systems and new plotters. Some of the new or Improved features are: Simplified Cutting of missing objects - simple select the objects and cut out. Cutting of pounce patterns (dotted or perrforated lines) Useful for making paint masks, patterns, or for paper scrapbooking Animated Cut preview to actually see how your plotter will respond to the cutout commands New drivers for the most recent plotters on the market New file handling resolution to compensate for some import plotters problems with the line of death or memory buffer over and under runs Improved Simple Contour Cutting and Advanced Contour cutting methods Signcut Pro is a FREE upgrade - we produced the product to continue to solve problems both now and in the future. We could have used it as an excuse to force users to pay for an upgrade but all current users both Dongle and Subscription Versions are entitled to this free upgrade. Also available is a stand alone restricted Hobbyist Version that is a one time purchase for users who do not need to cut large files (restricted to 20" in length and width" A very cost effective full featured version for those who use their cutters for hobby cutting.
  12. Kimon

    Launching from Corel Issue?

    The pro version contains Signit, I am not sure where or who you heard that it was not included, they were mistaken. However Signit only works with a full install of CorelDraw x3 or x4 and not elements. With your dongle you may use either version, the Trial is only limited by the license. If you have downloaded the program it is a full version and your dongle will allow it to run in full mode. I am not quite sure what corruption you are talking about, I have looked at the refferenced thread and there are several different problems discused there and I will address them in that thread. If you would like to give me greater detail as to what is happening now I would be happy to try and address it. I would however suggest you give the pro version a trial as X2 is no longer being updated and microsoft and apple updates may interfere with its operation on your system now or in the future.
  13. Kimon

    Launching from Corel Issue?

    Your dongle will work with both x2 and pro, Insert the dongle launch the program and enter your activation code and the software will run, you may even use two versions on different machines. If you need download links drop me an email or Pm.
  14. Kimon

    ZenCut Green and Mac Os NO GO!!!

    If that is the case then I suggest you get a keyspan adapter and bypass the internal usb/serial card.
  15. Kimon

    Launching from Corel Issue?

    Not sure, you may have inadvertently changed the defaults in Corel or there is something strange in your text only file, two things first restore your defaults for exporting in corel by following the instructions in this FAQ,com_quickfaq/Itemid,69/cid,4/id,6/view,items/ You also might want to upgrade to the Pro version if you are still using X2 to do so you may log in to the x2 site at using your registered email and license number then scroll down and choose migrate and a new license will be created, your subscription will be transfered and download instructions will be emailed to you or you can go to register for and download the trial for testing then email me your new and old license numbers at and I will transfer it over for you. This way you can try it out before actually transferring.