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  1. mark-s

    Window Tint Cut Files

    Really? mark-s
  2. Did these for a customer who sponsors a little league team. He will paint them. mark-s
  3. mark-s

    Vertical Text

    cool tnx mark-s
  4. Made this for a customer 9 in X 40 in mark-s
  5. mark-s

    How is this made? CNC Router?

    A carvewright is like a elementary cnc machine. I found one on cragslist for $100.00, couldn`t pass it up. Shortly after, a friend and I built a 4X4 real CNC Machine. Haven`t looked back. mark-s
  6. mark-s

    How is this made? CNC Router?

    Bit of a learning curve, but totally worth it. So much fun. Good challenge for the mind and art skills. mark-s
  7. mark-s

    How is this made? CNC Router?

    I still say was done on a CNC Machine looks to big to have been done on a carvewright. I own a carvewright and a CNC Machine. Besides a carvewright isn`t that accurate. mark-s
  8. mark-s

    Shop sign

    On the door that leads out of the office into the shop area. Made on the CNC machine from scrap pine. mark-s
  9. mark-s

    DESPERATELY SEEKING help with cutter to buy

    Graphtec hands down. mark-s
  10. mark-s

    TIKI Mask

    Cut this tiki mask from an old cutting board I found atthe local swapmeet for $1.00.Don`t know what kind of wood it is, but it was great forcutting on the cnc, very little fuzzy`s.19.05 thick.Cut with .250 ball nose bit.Very little clean up needed.7 in X 11 inTook about 1 hour.Great fun.mark-s
  11. mark-s

    Looking for red metallic vinyl

    How much do you need? mark-s
  12. mark-s

    help needed please

    TRUCKING is Serpentine. mark-s
  13. mark-s

    help needed please

    Air Millhouse is the font for LGA "A" was flipped horizontally. mark-s
  14. mark-s

    help needed please

    Well it`s hard to see by 2 in x 2 in crappy little webernet image. Look at Serpentine it has a U shaped like that. I do know LGA is Air Millhouse. If you have permisson to do that work, call the and request the file, they should have that on file no matter who designed it. mark-s
  15. mark-s

    help needed please

    Air Millhouse the correct name. mark-s
  16. mark-s

    help needed please

    Looks like Millhouse, just looking at it. mark-s
  17. mark-s

    White Aluminum signs

    Your welcome. mark-s
  18. mark-s

    White Aluminum signs

    You need Dibond, white or aluminum in color. Your local sign supply should have it. mark-s
  19. mark-s

    Not for sale

    for personal use, not for sale. mark-s
  20. Custom cell phone holder. Completed and delivered today. mark-s
  21. Just finished these today. mark-s
  22. Been making cell phone holders with the CNC. A bit of work, but great fun. Also made a fake cell phone to use as a jig to set up the stands. I love my CNC. mark-s
  23. mark-s

    A few more cell phone stands

    Nice A bit of a learning curve, still learning everyday, I`m into 3D carving, when not doing 2D stuff. Here`s one I did for a customers garage. Good luck to you. mark-s
  24. A few more cell phone stands. mark-s
  25. mark-s

    A few more cell phone stands

    I love my CNC. It`s so incredable. mark-s