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  1. Shop series or professional cutter?

    Graphtec for sure, have 2, great machines. mark-s
  2. Need help with font

    need more letters mark-s
  3. Font Help

    Ghost Clan Regular, closest I find mark-s
  4. Help with this

    I was bored so ...... As I said takes some work on your part. Do out lines and in lines in white. Turn the image to wire view-turn on connection points-delete and rejoin at points needed. Pretty straight forward Learn your software. mark-s
  5. Help with this

    outline, inline, delete nodes, reconnect. Hard to explain in words, a bit of work, but can be done. doesn`t matter what software. mark-s
  6. Sick of winter

    73 in So. Cal today mark-s
  7. Just wondering. I have one custom insists that I put my logo on his trucks (30) says he`s proud to have it on there. The are 3 X 5 with my info. Thanks mark-s
  8. Need help - Font used on business decal

    Marker FeltWide Oblique mark-s
  9. repairing a vehicle wrap, Need font help please

    LHF Old Stock mark-s
  10. HELP.....What is this font

    Font 1..... Captain Howdy mark-s
  11. help identifying font

  12. Merry Christmas

    From So. Cal. mark-s
  13. help identifying font

    Script MT mark-s
  14. Pc 50 Printing error

    From that print looks like banding, that means bad head. mark-s
  15. Pc 50 Printing error

    Try and print a simple graphic in black, that will tell you whats going on. Need to clean the head after each print session. Forget the cleaning pencil, I use roland sovent cleaner and swabs. PC-60 mark-s
  16. Pc 50 Printing error

    Looks like needing a new head. mark-s
  17. flexy did not find my redsail modal

    try here : mark-s
  18. flexy did not find my redsail modal

    Go to Redsails website and request the driver for flexi , they will email it to you. mark-s
  19. Does this Vinyl Exist?

    You mean metallic vinyl,....yes it does, what color? mark-s
  20. Help with clip art

    Search the net....Google is your friend. mark-s
  21. Help with font.....

    Brush Script mark-s
  22. Roland color camm PNC 5000 vs PC 50

    Don`t know, I run my PC 60 on a windows XP format computer. mark-s
  23. Roland color camm PNC 5000 vs PC 50

    Both machines are very old, I`d go with PC 60 or a newer one, PC 600. I run a PC 60, have for for years. mark-s
  24. not work, but showing off

    Good idea. Got a floor model for $10.00 and added wheels to it. The last rack I got was free, wall type. Both are full. mark-s