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  1. Hard Shadow

    Like this? It`s called drop shadow. mark-s
  2. Font help

    First of all : Who puts a jpeg in a AI format? Look at Cruiser Fortress Expanded Italic mark-s
  3. Vectorizing needed

    This is what I get. mark-s SIX SHOOTER TATTOOS
  4. AddCityboy Normal I stump find my font all the time. Thank goodness for my system. mark-s
  5. Help with logo

    Little bit of PhotoShop will get you on your way. mark-s
  6. Font help pleeeeease

    Hate it when that happens mark-s
  7. Old Cascade

    Get a good straight on shot of it and vector it or have it vectored. mark-s
  8. Old Cascade

    Post a image mark-s
  9. Help with this font

    LOL Scott mark-s
  10. Help with this font

    TitlingGothicFB Normal Bold Oblique mark-s
  11. Xtreme Font?

    Do a search of xtreme font. Google is your friend mark-s
  12. Another CNC sign

    Custom font and design. 15 inch high X 36.5 wide. mark-s
  13. Just put this together. mark-s AMERICAN MADE SIGN CNC PREP AND CUT.mp4
  14. PhotoShop eraser tool I`d use the font my self. mark-s
  15. Does anyone recognize the font for Semper Fi please?

    I believe that is custom mark-s
  16. Dont tread on me

    The fonts in your image= rebel bones & great vibes mark-s
  17. Does anyone recognize the font for Semper Fi please?

    Clarendon Bold mark-s
  18. CNC Sign final

    Built a 4ft X 4ft CNC Machine. This is the latest final of the SIGNS sign. Just need to clear coat and hang at the shop. mark-s
  19. CNC Sign installed

    Got the CNC sign installl at the shop. mark-s
  20. Any luck with this or something similar?

  21. Any luck with this or something similar?

    OPTILago (Caps) go with this one it`s free. mark-s
  22. need another Jeep font help

    Search google there is a Rubicon font out there. mark-s
  23. need the boat out of this

    Give this a go, any clean up is on you. mark-s HELLENBECK
  24. Vinyl roll holder

    I think I might have some at the shop I`ll look Monday. mark-s
  25. CNC update

    After a 2 month build on a custom 4 ft X 4 ft CNC machine, half the time was waiting on parts. It is up and running. First cut was shop space numbers. Made from Norwegian Birch. And then on to the good stuff. Masked and Painted then cut. mark-s