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  1. Flash drives mark-s
  2. Etch and cut the acrylic with the CNC. Also cut the wooden bases. mark-s
  3. mark-s

    Versa works viewer

    Versa works uses EPS files to print. So just about any software that uses eps can read and edit these files mark-s
  4. mark-s

    Help please .

    from the picture of the coffee cup the font looks like it`s from House industry fonts. mark-s
  5. mark-s

    Font Help

    Closest I find is Mudhens Fill otf. mark-s
  6. mark-s

    Font Help

    Willing to bet it`s custom. mark-s
  7. violation for sure mark-s
  8. mark-s

    to sell printer or not to sell

    I`m in the same boat Scott, want to devote more time to doing CNC work. mark-s
  9. mark-s

    This stencil font

    and you gt the famous LOL mark-s
  10. mark-s

    This stencil font

    Nexa Slab Heavy mark-s lol
  11. mark-s

    Heartbeat of America

    can`t post an image.....I can`t ID. mark-s
  12. mark-s

    infringement info

    saw that not on youtube. mark-s
  13. mark-s

    CNC Signs Available

    Made from 1 X 12 pine. Sign: 10-1/2 X 16-7/8 Going to hang this outside my shop. mark-s
  14. mark-s

    CNC Pony Express

    CNC machine did all the hard work, I just trimmed it. A bit more sanding then clear coat. Took 4 hours on the CNC. From 1 X 12 pine, the carving is 13.5 X 9.75. mark-s
  15. CMYK colors EPS file mark-s
  16. Did these for a customer who sponsors a little league team. He will paint them. mark-s
  17. Sweet, can`t wait to see the pic`s Good luck. mark-s
  18. mark-s

    CNC Signs

    here are a few signs made with the CNC. The signs one was the first one made on the CNC then hand painted. American made was the 2nd one I did, got smart and masked off for each color very little touch up. mark-s
  19. mark-s

    CNC Signs

    It`s a DIY 4 X 4 mark-s
  20. mark-s

    CNC Signs

    The American Made sign got 4 coasts of clear put on it. The Signs sign was hand painted with brushes. Thanks mark-s
  21. mark-s

    Led edge lit signs with the CNC

    Keep me informed, I`ve been looking at laser machines, but the one I want is 130 watt expensive. I`d like to know how that works for you and see samples. Good luck mark-s
  22. mark-s

    Forgot one

    One of my other favorites. mark-s
  24. Yes that`s one way of controlling easiest , the other way is a computer keyboard. Took about 4 hours to cut, and I was nervous until half way until I saw it was going to work. My buddy could`t believe I pulled it off. LOL mark-s
  25. mark-s

    Todays CNC project

    Did this today. mark-s