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  1. i just got this 630 cutter and am setting it up and have trouble setting depth, i have went thru 20 feet of vinyl and still cant get it to cut the same depthThru the cutting of the sign blazer test cut I am using 12" vinyl on roll, loose in back no pressure on roller, when i start to cut it cuts good then gets lighter as it goes then all of a sudden it deep and cuttin thru the back, i have adjusted pressure, from 100 to 70, speed from 60 to 10 and i get the sam results, it like the vinyl is free floating nothing keeping it flat on the cuting strip, i have vinyl set up on right of machine, and as it cuts right to left it gets lighter as it goes forward it gets deeper and still cuts heavyer right to left, i have tried this in the middle and and on the right and it does the same, but you have to re adjust the blade, I have changed blades, blades spin free Please any sugestions, iam new at this and i am really flustrated,