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  1. Arnold

    Activate unuseable tools???

    $250 . Kenimes Let me know when you find out I am going to buy the upgrade either way but $150 would be nice. Thanks Arnold
  2. Arnold

    Activate unuseable tools???

    I want the Pro upgrade. How do I pay you and get it?
  3. This is my first cutter and I am having fun . So far this machine is great and worth the money I spent on it. My addiction to cool machines gets worse all the time. The other machine that I sell and use is real cool but this whole vinyl cutting thing is new and cool for me.
  4. It is cutting good now. I have no Idea what I did to fix it. This is my first cutter so it is all new to me.
  5. It looks like it is all the way down. I push hard on it and it did not move. Could the stip be defective is it replaceable
  6. I just received my cutter Monday when I try to cut; it cuts all the way though the vinyl and backing on the right side and cuts lighter as it cuts to the left. It does not cut all the way though the vinyl on about 1/2 of the left side