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  1. works well with VinylMaster pro and my old cutter
  2. Any ideas where I can find this? I'm half tempted to load the drivers for the laserpoint since it's a pcut creation too.. afraid I'll trash SB if I do.. or will it just add additional drivers to the existing list?
  3. Thanks for the help.. now I just need to find a copy
  4. No laser, was just going to align with the blade. UsCutter has Flexistarter 8.6 for $99.. older version but should work? scratch that..unavailable!
  5. No, I never managed to get it to work with the equipment and software I have. I wasn't sure if anyone tried installing the Laser Point drivers in SB to see if it would work. Any direction on the best deal on Vinyl Master or Flexistarter?
  6. I have a Pcut CT630 running signblazer 06. I really need to contour cut, will the drivers for a LaserPoint work? Any suggested software that doesn't cost bunches of money that will do the job? Thanks in advance!
  7. Happy 4th! Which program is better, sure cuts a lot pro or flexistarter?
  8. Anymore information on this?
  9. Just missed the first one but watching the others... Thanks
  10. I'm not having any luck finding it for that price. Any suggested vendors? Thanks again for all the help
  11. Popeye

    SB Pro locks up on cut print

    I appreciate the information.. do they have a support forum?
  12. Popeye

    SB Pro locks up on cut print

    Correct.. I have Pro w/Dongle. Another thing is the jog buttons operate the carriage and roller completely backwards. I tried the same thing using a version of elements I have... same driver... same file. The jog buttons work correctly and after I set the reg marks and tell it next it give another window asking for redeye offset.. I set that to 0.001 and hit cut and it does. Not sure why they are not the same and why it doesn't work correctly with Pro..
  13. Popeye

    SB Pro locks up on cut print

    No, I haven't... never really had a problem with the software before until trying this feature
  14. Looks like it should work then.. do they have a trail version? I'd like to be sure before I buy ANOTHER program Thanks for all the help!
  15. Popeye

    SB Pro locks up on cut print

    I'm trying to contour cut on my PCut 630 using SB Pro.. Every time I try to "cut a print" it locks up the software. Thanks for the help