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  1. IceBreaker2000

    roland cx24 info/price help

    yeah i saw that one on ebay. Also seen a couple go for more using the completed option. Which is odd considering the newer GX have also gone for those same numbers. (700-900) yeah im thinking i'll offer 400 maybe 500. Worst case i guess they say no.
  2. IceBreaker2000

    roland cx24 info/price help

    no stand (Desktop model), cutting strip/blades are fairly new. still in use as a backup. and i can see it cut and be demo'd on site with whatever design i want. (im assuming its had heavy use) so basicly i just got to go check it out and see if it works etc. and find out what these things go for now. Yeah i gather its older and doesnt have the optical eye. Less downforce than the the newer models GX24. (Which retail new for 2,000 or so) ebay range 1500-1800..again for the GX model..i've seen the GX list on kijiji for 850 used with stand. so im assuming less than that. its just how much less which i have no clue
  3. IceBreaker2000

    roland cx24 info/price help

    yeah its a pick up. and I would want to see everything works etc. but other than that, ive no clue what they go for now as used machines... i just dont want to rip myself off or insult the person with an extreme lowball offer..
  4. IceBreaker2000

    roland cx24 info/price help

    Someone has recently offered me to buy their roland cx24 being a roland i am assuming they are a good cutter. (no clue how old this model is) want to cut vinyl mostly, and perhaps some rhinestone stencils. what is a fair price for me to offer? (again i know nothing about these)
  5. IceBreaker2000

    SC Series Question

    I was browsing the Master vinyl cutters. (on their site) and then headed on over here to check out what Us Cutter offers in similar price range. Are these 2 machines the same? SC series and master? The Uscutter mention a laser registration which i saw on youtube under the Liyu SC search. which looked kinda cool for contour cutting. And i notice there is a handy lil red cut strip on the uscutter sc series. just wondering if the master is the same or is that a watered down version of what uscutter sales? or these 2 different machines altogether?
  6. IceBreaker2000

    Ecocut/Refine Gold Contour?

    Yeah I was thinking for the shirts or any other projects that would involve excessive layering that I might want to print and cut.(dont want limit myself) Was just curious if the software that comes with the ecocut and/or gold refine will allow manual contour cutting. In which case Id only need to buy the funtimes rhinestone software and be all set to do all the above mentioned projects. Otherwise I'm guessing Id need the full out winpcsign 2010 software or some other combo of software like flexi and funtimes etc..
  7. Hi, I know you can manually set a refine with flexi software to contour cut. (read that in other threads) My question is concerning the ecocut and the new refine gold cutters. With the software they come with, will they be able to contour cut? I want to make wall decor, rhinestone stencils, signs and tshirts. I know for rhinestones i need winpcsign 2010 which i believe will also contour cut with manual settings...but they also have a cheaper rhinestone version if i can get the software that comes with eco/refine gold to contour cut..hence my question thanks in advance. Otherwise thinking it might be cheaper then to just get a laser cutter.
  8. IceBreaker2000

    Cutter To Make Rhinestone

    Looking for a cutter: Plan on doing crafts, wall vinyl, heat transfers (t-shirts) and hopefuly the odd rhinestone stencil for tshirts/garmets etc. Ive looked at GCC Bengal and the Expert 24. The bengal has servo motor and Expert stepper. Price being a major factor as I am looking to get started and feet wet. Also realize I will want to upgrade down the road so i dont mind starting with the vanilla model. I realise some of the US Cutter machines are cheaper price wise so curiosity I wouldnt mind more info. What US Cutter , cutters would be capable of doing all the above? (pref those who have used these cutters to make rhinestone stencils as I am guessing thats likely what is going to be the craft that will challenge some cutters and not others) Thanks in advance