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  1. Thanks for the reply, I assumed the driver was on the blue disc--the one that looks like it has a driver on it, but I haven't been able to get anything useful out of that cd. I installed SignBlazer, but I can't get it to cut at all, probably because it only shows my Canon printer as the only available printer. What's worse is, my computer gives a blue screen error when I have the PCut hooked up and I'm trying to add it as another printer. So my questions are: Should this install just like another printer? If so, I'd like for somebody to tell me where the driver can be found online, preferably one that auto-installs. What am I missing here?, I'm not able to use the cutter yet. Additionally, if I need to move SignBlazer to another computer and re-register it there, how do I first unregister it on the first computer?
  2. Thanks for replying Tater. Where is the "Creation PCut CTE630 HPGL driver" you mention? Is there somewhere I can download it? The closest thing to that description on the CD ROM is a filed called HPGL_0412.exe, but when executed, it brings up Easy Send 1.1. Please be very specific when replying, as I'm trying to solve a problem here.
  3. I bought a Creation CTN630E, but I'm having trouble finding a driver. Apparently it's not on the CD that was sent. I need a driver to start using it. Can anybody out there guide me in the right direction? Thanks.