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  1. eazycz17

    Dont buy a US Cutter

    again, we cut hundreds if not thousands of units out of oracle 641 and had the same problems. why is it so hard to believe the cutter is defective? like i said, just because you may have not experienced similar problems doesnt make this issue any less real to me. this is a big problem and is crippling our productivity.
  2. eazycz17

    Dont buy a US Cutter

    i did my research and have cut for years. i started my own company and to save money bought this piece of junk. its been nothing but a disappointment. they agreed to send us a new one and if we have problems with it i will send that one back too and ask for a full refund. as far as using cheap materials, why would i waste my money on stuff i dont need? we cut hundreds of units out of oracle on 641 on it to begin with and it still had problems. the problem isnt with me, my computers or my level of experience, its the machine. us cutter acknowledged some units have hardware glitches. as far as the cost of the pvc goes, its custom made in a custom size and a custom color, hence the expense. a roll of material 1m x 25m is $1,250, not cheap. and yes, mobileguy and i are partners and are both very unhappy. i have a feeling everyone in here being so rude works for us cutter. or maybe you just got a machine that wasnt defective. either way i don't appreciate the attitude i am getting, whether you agree with me or not these problems are no less severe for me. there is no reason for being so rude, look at all the bad reviews, google it for god's sake! i regret buying this product and if i have the same problems as i did with my replacement i am going to be furious.
  3. I recently, about two months ago bought a ZenCut black from US cutter. My partner and I did a ton of research and decided on this product in order to save money. BIG MISTAKE! We use this machine to cut out patterns for electorincs wraps and this thing is horrible. Just today I wasted over $400 in photoluminescent vinyl that I had to have special made from China. There is both mechanical and software problems with this device. Bad thing is that US Cutter knows about these defects and sells this product anyways, they even told us as much. After all the money we wasted on material due to screwed up cuts we would have been better off just buying a Roloand or Graphtec. We even got the special USB connector fro US Cutter and a brand new computer to use the cutter with. Same problems, same hour+ wait to talk with tech support. they offered to exchange us for a new one but this thing sucks. As with anything else in life, you get what you pay for. For anyone who is considering buying a new plotter I say save your $$$ for awhile and buy a brand name. This thing is the terrible.
  4. I agree 100% US cutter products are poor quality. I should have just spent the few extra thousand and got a decent machine. CutterJohn, why dont you lose the attitude. Something tells me if your work is anything like your poor attitude it SUCKS.