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  1. Jason98058

    MH Cutter carriage issue

    If you see the motherboard, look for a black heat sink if you take it out you will see 4 of them… to test them… do either freeze test or get a thermal gun much easier or spot temp gun. You will need to de solder then buy new IC very cheap like $8-10$ for 10 pieces solder it to the bad then you will have a working one again
  2. Jason98058

    MH Cutter carriage issue

    You probably have a bad motherboard… based on my experience 1 of the 4 ICs overheated and bought 10 ICs from China about $8 then soldered it to the board and it’s working now
  3. Jason98058

    Blades kept Tapping

    I turned on the machine and all it did was blade tapping up and down and the main screen didn’t illuminate as normal. The reset led kept turn on and off as the blade kept tapping. Anyone ever experience such problem?