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  1. KenGraphics

    Cutting issue CE6000 This is where you can get a new one if you are interested as I have heard a ton of issues with the CE7000 models. Most run back to the CE6000 models. Thats another train wreck. CE6000 was my first choice after doing research. Let us not bring up the years I have, just knowledge working with vinyl and vinyl cutters will do. I will make the comment and leave it at this. For a high priced machine with all the bells and whistles... It is a major let down. For me personally. Now there maybe a few that enjoy this cutter and you are one of those people congrats. You must be using their software and must have received one that is perfect out of the box. I still argue that a 60 degree blade will not fix an issue with short fallen cutouts and nor will it fix jagged lines in a vector. I am going to download and test the software that came with this machine. I am willing to bet that the issue disappears if you use their software. But that would burn me if it does because that locks you in on that software. I have been using VinylMaster for years and know my way around in there like the back of my hand. No reason to leave perfection.
  2. KenGraphics

    Cutting issue CE6000

    I see this is an old thread. But I am having this same issue with a brand new CE6000-60 PLUS model. I have been cutting vinyl for over 10 years with all types of brands of cutters and I have never seen a cutter so complicated to get it setup correctly. I think people get so ticked because of the way some people come off to them. They are stressed because they have invested money into something that should not be so complicated. I was getting that the repeated comment seems to be to fix an issue with the cutters by Graphtec is to adjust the blade or replace a blade. I promise you and anyone, Blade adjustment is good but is not what is causing these issues. This seems to be an undercut issue. I am on the edge of returning the cutter I purchased because the lack of phone support is not there for this product. They want to email and not help at the moment you need it. No where else do I or have I ever had an issue with this. I have been using another brand of pro cutter for the past 5 years and never had issues like this one has gave me. Believe me, I seen people on here ask for help on jagged edges and seems like the same people wrote, check your blade. Offset 0... Change to HPGL mode. What do you say to someone who has the years I do and already have this set and see issues with jagged edges? Could it be the brand new blade? I think not. 45 Degree blades are meant as the main stay of a vinyl cutter. A 60 Degree is used for thick and rough vinyl materials. I was told to use that in one post. Bad advice. Also I see that jagged edges at are on a vector Graphtec will cut that jagged area as it is. It will not smooth it out at all like other cutters. Explain that one? I have used Roland, Titan and MH they all smooth out those rough jagged lines. Its kinda like its a child to some people on this forums, " My Kid DIDN'T Do THAT" well guess what. Your kid did and still does.
  3. KenGraphics

    Graphtec CE6000 and VinylMaster Cut v4.2 Issue

    I didnt think that would matter as it was in great looking shape. But live and learn. Like I said hopefully the one tomorrow doesnt give me any issues. Thanks for the replies.
  4. KenGraphics

    Graphtec CE6000 and VinylMaster Cut v4.2 Issue

    Same issues. I wrote Graphtec I had this turned down -5 offset and it was still not great but better. I got this one used off a buddy CE6000-40 dont know if its just too wornout. I ordered a CE6000-60 coming in tomorrow for larger work anyway. Hoping it preforms better than this one. Yes, I too heard that graphtec was one of the top dawg cutters. Just hoping that this one was just too far worn out. He did run a decal and t-shirt shop for years.
  5. KenGraphics

    Graphtec CE6000 and VinylMaster Cut v4.2 Issue

    Here is a clear picture of the blade
  6. KenGraphics

    Graphtec CE6000 and VinylMaster Cut v4.2 Issue

    Here is the test cuts from within the cutter not the software.
  7. KenGraphics

    Graphtec CE6000 and VinylMaster Cut v4.2 Issue

    Update: Double checked the offset and its at 0 Set offset in vinylmaster cut to 0 still giving me the same issue. I also double checked the blade and its perfect. Im running 651 Oracal at 20 speed and 10 pressure.
  8. KenGraphics

    Graphtec CE6000 and VinylMaster Cut v4.2 Issue

    I will check that out later and update but I thought I checked that out. I worked with it for hours last night. Probably stayed up too late working with it trying to get it figured out.
  9. Hello guys, I been using the Titan 3 for years and love it but wanted to upgrade and go with the Graphtec CE6000 series cutter. Anyway I finally got the drivers installed which was a pain on Windows 10. I was able to select it in the VinylMaster Cut software, I had to do it manually. I was reading that I needed to change the command to HPGL and I done that on the cutter and the VinylMaster software. I am getting cuts like the on in the picture and I can not figure out how to get it to cut it smooth at all using VinylMaster. I think its a software or a setting somewhere. Just not sure what else to do. I am using a 45 degree blade. Any advice? Links? Thanks so much and glad to be here!