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  1. SignAl

    Font Help

    1 out of 5 ranks a thank you? I first thanked him for the whole post, then I commented on the individual fonts he found. I'm sorry if I said anything wrong. I appreciate everyones help, but I did not ask for or expect anyone to search the net for alternative fonts. I only came here because I'm looking for help finding fonts from the TrueSign catalogue. Do you mean the one from Walden Font Co. with the same name? I don't know which one came first or what real in this case means. The version I'm after is the digitised version of Penny Farthing, originally released in 1974. It is currently unavailable in digitised form outside the TrueSign catalogue.
  2. SignAl

    Font Help

    Thank you! Cut-In / Simplement I already have this version. I'm interested to see if the digitisation from TrueSign features the alternates, shown here: Benjamin I knew about this one. Unfortunately it's a very poor digitisation and lacks the lowercase letters and bold version. Edda Thanks! Never seen this version before. I think the TrueType version looks better though. Bulk / Paper Punch Looks good. Thanks! Avondale / Mackintosh SF Unfortunately a very poor digitisation and it lacks some of the alternates shown in the TrueSign catalogue.
  3. SignAl

    Font Help

    If anyone wants to help me. I'm looking for the following fonts: SBF_P080 Pennyfarthing SBF_P081 Pennyfarthing Condensed SBF_C152 Cut-In Bold SBF_C151 Cut-In Medium If you want to help me further, here are some others I'm looking for: SBF_B135 Benjamin SBF_B147 Benjamin Bold SBF_E047 Edda SBF_B086 Bulk SBF_R014 Roslyn SBF_A055 Avondale A couple of these are available other places, but with missing lowercase and/or alternate characters. Thanks!
  4. SignAl

    Font Help

    I've never said I'm not interested in paying for them. I ask for help because they simply don't exist anywhere else. This is the only way I can get hold of them. Also, the font designs are not owned by Cutting Technologies Ltd. but by other organizations (see PDF). The problem is that many of them closed doors decades ago. It's also hard to find the original typeface designers, who might be dead, and most likely not have a digitized version of the font. I know which fonts I want and I know that they don't exist anywhere else. That's why I'm here asking for help.
  5. SignAl

    Font Help

    Then how do I get them? I thought this was abandonware.
  6. SignAl

    Font Help

    No, that was only the 200 fonts from the Elements version. I wouldn't have asked again if I found them all.
  7. SignAl

    Font Help

    Hi, Does anyone have the Express, Pro or HotShot version of SignBlazer that came with 1200 TrueSign fonts? If so, I'm wondering if someone on this board would be kind enough to upload them for me? There are some fonts in that collection that aren't available anywhere else and I'd love to be able to use them. I already have the 200 fonts that came with the Elements version. These are the fonts I'm after: best, Al
  8. SignAl

    Signblazer Font List

    Hi, Are these the fonts that came with SignBlazer? If so, I'm wondering how I can get my hands on them? Al