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    SC2 Advancing vinyl too far

    I am using the Vinyl Master software that came with the cutter on USB. I already have Flexi Rip&cut for my latex printer so ive been throwing around the idea of setting the cutter up to work with flexi instead of VM.
  2. Hey guys, I recently purchased an 53" SC2 cutter and have been running into a frustrating issue. When attempting to align registration marks for contour cutting, the cutter will let me align the first mark like normal, and then when it asks to align point no.2 it advances way too far and my vinyl ends up on the ground. The sheet of vinyl im trying to cut is 35"x25", I tried printing it with much more excess on a 55" sheet of vinyl and it advances till its barely on the roller. After marking all 4 points the carriage slid all the way to the right / started making an ugly noise. Test sheet works just fine, cutting mat is the same size as artwork. Let me know if you have any thoughts, Thanks!!