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  1. Hi Guys I have stumbled upon a Refine EH721 Vinyl Cutter and only have access to Windows 10 Pc's (Laptop) and no matter what Forum I read and what I do, I cannot seem to get it to connect the Laptop. I am using a cable that goes from the Cutter to a USB, its Called a RS2320 to USB, I have tried many different drivers but feel I am doing something wrong. I'm not super smart with this stuff but I usually do figure it out. I have downloaded many different Cutting software including Signblazer. Is there something I'm missing? Much appreciated thank you.
  2. Im also happy to use any software that will work, suggestions on software that will work I will use.
  3. Thanks guys Cutting software i'm using now has been Signcut or Coreldraw and the other one was easy cut studio. None seemed to work If I may ask, what is Null modem cable?