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  1. Not sure if this would be the appropriate topic board but, I've noticed that many of the cutters being offered with VinylMaster are saying that Vinyl Master LTR is out of stock, I sure hope Vynil Master isn't going to a subscription type service only. I stopped using Adobe products because of that rediculousness! Please say it aint so and that VM is only working on an update!! Regardless of any far and few between "free" updates...subscription plan software sucks! Sincerely, Please don't ask me to pay forever
  2. IronwoodPW

    Prizm Cutter Engraver Pen

    Where can you order the engraving tool for the new Prizm Cutter? I've looked everywhere and I'm unable to locate anything, it is offered as an optional item but nowhere to add it to your order.
  3. IronwoodPW

    Product Bundles

    Love the new bundles you're putting together! I'd like to see more "New" bundles like a vinyl cutter with heat press with cap capability and vinyl or a sublimation printer with heat press with options...Keep up the good work! Looking forward to seeing more bundle offers.