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  1. Taylor1212

    Help! Best transfer tape?

    Question about R-Tape. Would you guys recommend medium or high tack for decals for cars and trailers?
  2. Taylor1212

    Help! Best transfer tape?

    I totally agree and understand. That is exactly why I am making the switch and looking for advice from those who are more experienced. Is R-tape reliable for 651? I have been reading both good and bad reviews.
  3. Taylor1212

    Help! Best transfer tape?

    I am currently using a few different versions of contact paper. I am sure that is the biggest part of the issue. I am looking into more professional options because I know these are not reliable and do leave a residue. I am just unsure of what professional transfer paper is well liked for Oracal 651. I didn't want to waste money buying material that will not work. Thank you for your suggestion! I will look it up!
  4. Taylor1212

    Help! Best transfer tape?

    I am having issues with Oracal 651 and transfer tape. My Oracal 651 vinyl seems to be clinging to the backing and not coming with the transfer tape. I will smooth it out really well and flip it over and pull at an angle greater than 90*. I need to find something that is reliable for selling to customers that will apply there own decals. What do you guys recommend? My decals tend to be pretty detailed, if that helps.