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  1. Hello i just bought a Graphtec CE6000-60 plus, i have installed all the drivers and everything on my windows 7 laptop, the printer shows up on my printer options on control panel but it does not show up on Graphtec studio cutters so I can't send any print job, i don't know what to do, anything helps, so frustrated Please let me know
  2. I have a 15 inch roll on my cutter but the settings are for 24 inch roll, i want to change it so i can fit all designs to cut on 15 inch roll setting
  3. Omg, this helped so much, solved a lot of issues, thank you so much! For the Graphtec Studio pro it looked very confusing that's why I was trying to use Graphtec Studio only, I just ran Graphtec Studio Pro and cutter works on that but it doesn't show up on the other software idk why. In the pro version, how do I change the roll media width when cutting, it's not letting me? Also is there any videos where i can learn how to use this software, because I can't seem to find tutorials on youtube
  4. Hey i think i set it up, this is how it looks like
  5. Hello thanks for the reply, i have rebooted, language is in GP-GL, cutter says ready, am not sure about the conditions, how to do that, i dont get why the cutter doesnt show up on Graphtec studio cutter options, please see attached 2 pictures for better idea