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  1. jcdsog

    What exactly does Auto-Trap do?

    That makes sense. Thanks a bunch!
  2. jcdsog

    What exactly does Auto-Trap do?

    I have read the manual and did a google search. I can not find out what Auto-Trap does specifically. It seems to have to do with overlapping colors. Why would it matter if I am cutting one color at a time? I no comprendo mucho. lol I make all of my designs in Illustrator. Save each color as a seperate file then cut with Flexi.1 color at a time. I do not do any design work in Flexi so I am unfamiliar with it's ability. I know it would probably be great when I make a design that is larger than the 24" cutter I have, perhaps automatically cut it into sections with .5" overlaps... that would be nice. I have just never even tried to mess with the software. I used Photoshop for so long that Illustrator came rather naturally and it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. I could probably get by with a program that just sends the vectors to the cutter. Is there even any software that does just that? Thanks.
  3. jcdsog

    Quantity printed decals?

    id like to know some pricing too for stuff like that. you can email me at info@jointlabel.com
  4. just wondering the ballpark pricing for say, a work van. like whats the norm for stroked lettering on 2 sides and back 2 windows. thanks.
  5. jcdsog

    New to this.

    So I know illustrator a little. Have over 10 years in photoshop. But I know hot to change a raster to vector. I'm new to vinyl cutting but I heard I can design in illustrator and use a plugin to cut. I think I got a program in my order from USCUTTER. Do all plugins cost? I believe mine is just a year (signcut pro). Are there none free? To be honest I am going to have to test all of these programs out to even see what's going on exactly.
  6. jcdsog

    Happy so far

    Just got me a mh721 and i must say that all of the fellas at uscutter have been cool when i called. Very helpful, especially because i'm new to this. So i appprecieate that.