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  1. I think the belt runs into the black crossbar because when the tension bar dropped after the belt broke I pulled a great deal out of the tension bar area.  Dakaoa, I the cartridge has never come off.  Except now because I took it off and can't get it back on LOL..  I just want to make sure I can put this thing back together before buying a belt.   thanks, Guys.  Cardudenc If you can help me with how the belt should go on, I would appreciate it a bunch.. Maybe I should make a youtube video putting it back together. Might be hilarious. 

  2.  think something is defective with this machine. this screw is hanging by a tip, I took the picture and it fell completely out. I'm glad I took the picture so I could see where it was supposed to go. But it will not screw in. It's just literally hanging by a tip.   this is the right side fastener belt I presume.  But there is no way to use it. It's just dangling.  Then you can see where it was getting chewed up on the right side wheel.  I have only used this machine to make vinal letters for 1 sign and 2 stencils.  Something is definitely not right here.  I don't know how to fix the issue with the belt the tension belt.  If I buy another belt there is no way to make that work, It would fall from the machine again. 

    So say I get the tension pully installed (which I didn't because the screw hole is not big enough) and I purchase a belt. how do I get it through the black crossbar? do I need to take the top control panel off too?  I'm a girl! thinking I should have just got a cricut.  but didn't know such a thing existed back then.  Please help. This machine is definitely defective. 



  3. I am a fit frustrated and disappointed. I have owned my cutter since 2015 but have only used it about 2 times, maybe 3.  Today I went to make something for a friend and noticed the belt was hanging a bit. But because I never use it, I never thought much of it.  I went ahead and click cut and the cutter would only cut in a straight line. I immediately canceled the cut noting the belt was dangling.  I touched it and it fell into my hand.  Turns out the belt was chewed in half on the right side. see pics. there is a big chunk missing.  This makes me think it was not installed properly from the beginning.  My question is. how do I reinstall it once i purchase the belt located here https://www.uscutter.com/index/page/shopping_cart/actions[ShoppingCartModule]/remove_item/cart_index/0https://www.uscutter.com/index/page/shopping_cart/actions[ShoppingCartModule]/remove_item/cart_index/0 ALPBELTSHRT

    Are there any videos on how to install this properly because I don't want to have to buy another belt. I feel like I shouldn't have to purchase this one because of the lack of use on this machine but realize it has been a few years since the purchase.  Help would be good. IMG_1407.thumb.JPG.69299e37a2fb7c5fd27614ad8601131e.JPG