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    need a different font

    Want to do my own door no#'s on my stock car and I am lost on how to do it;;new to my viny cutter but wanted to start doing my own..guy in town takes months to get him to do anything for me and overcharged because only one in town and he knows it so I got my own..IT IS LOT OF FUN BUT GETS ME MAD A LOT BECAUSE NOT KNOWING HOW TO DO EVERYTHING IT CAN DO;;[Sorry for caps..didn't relize I had locked on till already wrote a book..LOL].;;I want the no# 92 done this way but insteed of the black outline against the numbers I want a space between no# and outline with space about same thickage as black outline and outline same thickage as the space;;;;can some show Tell how to do this or if have time do it and send me pic so can trace and victize[sure spelled wrong] it;;;can e-mail to got my TITAN WITH VINYMASTER v4;;;;Not as easy as I was hopping...