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    Help Vectorizing

    Thanks so much for all the help!!
  2. cindus1

    Help Vectorizing

    Thanks for the info on the text! X1ArmBanditx--Sorry to ask stupid questions, but I'm pretty new to all this. What do you mean by "redraw?" Thanks!! Cindy
  3. So someone asked me if I could do a shirt with their company logo, the image is attached. When I import and then go to vectorize, there are so many colors I can't get it to come out right. The shirt is going to be yellow, so i want to remove that color completely. The corners of little yellow parallelograms and the lines on the road aren't sharp. The letters don't even look clear. I'm not sure what to do. Do I need to somehow convert this image to another format first? I have Vinylmaster Pro. I also have a Cricut and their software seems to do a little better job, but still has rounded corners. Any help appreciated. Thanks! Cindy
  4. cindus1

    Paper Transfer Tape-Layering

    Thank you both for the great info! And yes, I was talking about layering the transfer tape...sorry for not being clear.
  5. I'm getting ready to do my first multi-color vehicle decal. It's going to be about 12x20 for a car door so I'm thinking I need to use paper tape for a possible wet installation. There are four colors in the decal. My questions are: 1) Can you see well enough through the paper tape to layer (i've read that you can't use clear when using liquid)? 2) Can you overlap the transfer tape to cover the whole decal without problems? 3) Does the shape of the registration mark really matter? I've seen some complaints about the stock marks in Vinylmaster and was just wondering what type and how many are best. Any help appreciated, thanks in advance! Cindy
  6. cindus1

    Cricut Export?

    That's a great idea, thanks so much!
  7. Hello, I have VinylMaster Pro that I use with an MH cutter, but I also have a Cricut. I hate the Cricut software, but was playing around with a design on their app. When I open Design Space, I don't see a way to export the file of the design I made so I can use it in Vinyl Master. Is there a way to get this design into VM without starting over? Any help appreciated, thanks! Cindy