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    Number outlines

    I got it figured out guys! Thanks for the help
  2. tracyracin

    Number outlines

    I just have CUT right now, looking to upgrade soon
  3. tracyracin

    Number outlines

    when I do this it seems the bottom layer will be all black, therefore I have to cut a white piece for the middle layer. I would rather not do that, so was wondering if there was a way to get around that.
  4. Hello all I am creating a number that will have a black interior color and a black outline with a white space between them. The car that will be the substrate is white. How do i create an outline that is not in contact with the main part of the number? I dont want to layer black then white then black, just two black pieces? Thanks
  5. tracyracin

    Help Identifying a font

    Thank you everyone! I am just getting my feet wet in this whole thing so I hope to purchase all the needed stuff. For right now doing my own little decals will have to do. Thanks again!
  6. tracyracin

    Help Identifying a font

    Hello all, new here. I was wondering if anyone could help me identify this font? I am looking to my own lettering for my race car this season and this is the font I have always had. If this isnt the correct place to post this please tell me where I can to get the best results? Thanks