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  1. BillBig

    Need Help to find correct Font on this Boat

    You guys are great, thank you. I am sorry the picture is so bad.
  2. BillBig

    Need Help to find correct Font on this Boat

    Thank you again, I will check into that.
  3. Hello, I am trying to help a friend and cut the graphics for a R/C Boat but I have looked and looked for the correct one. How do you find out what Font style is used. Looking to identify the GP-17 & Midnight Miss in the picture. I would be grateful for any help in this manner. Thanks Bill.
  4. BillBig

    New cutter advice, Please

    I will follow up on this. Thank you to all that took time to reply. I bought a Graphtec CE Lite-50 for the guy on ebay. I spent most of the day setting it up and I am very happy with it. It is a quality piece and works great. It has a 130 page owners Manuel so I have lots to learn. I look forward to downloading the Graphtec Pro and learn that program, I hope it has more to offer than VM Letter. A gain Thank you for the Help. Bill
  5. BillBig

    New cutter advice, Please

    Thank you for all the info to think about. I think I will try the Lite-50 out, it fits my needs well. The next step is to go to the CE 6000-40 Plus and it is $1200.00, super nice machine. Thanks, Bill
  6. BillBig

    New cutter advice, Please

    I just read that it has a Stepper Motor, I think I will look at the other models. Bill
  7. BillBig

    New cutter advice, Please

    That is the one, looks good to me and the price is great, US Cutter is $899.00 plus shipping for the same thing. Thanks, Bill
  8. BillBig

    New cutter advice, Please

    Thank you that is good news, not up to starting over. Bill
  9. BillBig

    New cutter advice, Please

    I found a Graphtec Lite-50 on ebay for $750 shipped, it looks like a good deal. It is 20" so it should do anything I want to . It look like it comes with some nice software but that means I have to learn a new program, I was using VinylMaster LTR. Thanks for the input.
  10. Hello, I am new to this hobby and I bought a MH-721, it is OK but not what I want. I am looking for a Quality cutter 15" to 20" table top cutter under $1000.00. The 28" cutter is to big for my trailer so I need to downsize. I don't have a lot of room so I have to go compact. I cut mostly small stuff 3-4 inch on up to 14" but that is about as big as I want to make. I cut decals and graphics for R/C Boats and cars. I don't plan on making anything very big, I don't have the work space some looking for a quality cutter in the 15-20 inch range, I have looked to the Graphtec Lite 50, Titan3. Looking for so advice on what would be best for me. Thank you in advance Bill.